Apex Legends 100 thieves

As announced in a tweet on 100 Thieves’ official Twitter account, the organization has released its Apex Legends roster. The esports organization entered the Apex Legends scene back in February of this year. They joined just weeks after the release of the game, yet failed to find any competitive success. The team consisted of Justin “Teenage” Phipps, Isiaih “Lifted” Slowik, and Justin “JP2” Pate.

What did the 100 Thieves squad accomplish

In the time the team has had to prove themselves, they finished 10th in the FACEIT Pro series out of the 16 competing teams. The FACEIT Pro series ran from May 31 to July 26 and had a combined prize pool of $50,000 USD. The 100 Thieves squad was among the 14 teams to receive a direct invite into the event. The remaining two teams qualified through a 20 team closed qualifier event. The qualifier event featured pro teams from the European and North American Apex pro leagues.

Besides their performance in the FACEIT Pro Series, the team did not manage to earn any notable results. This is not entirely surprising, as there are limited tournaments in the Apex Legends scene. Their most recent success came from a recent 2nd place at the Rivalcade Apex Legends August rumble. However, that is one of the less prestigious events in this game’s scene.

Whether 100 Thieves will someday return to the game remains to be seen. The announcement tweet of the release of the team, however, states “Thank you Apex Legends.” Some have considered this as meaning they do not plan to return to the scene. Maybe if a new pro league of some kind shows up, the team might consider making a return to the game. Until then, though, it seems unlikely.

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