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North American esports organization 100 Thieves have recently dropped a preview of their upcoming apparel line. Their Numbers Collection features an array of clothing items ranging from sweaters, hats, t-shirts, and sweatpants. This is noted as the organization’s largest apparel drop yet.

An introduction to a new line

Fans are eager to open their wallets for the new collection, as they know 100 Thieves merchandise quickly sells out. On their official website, a small description introduces the apparel line before its drop on February 29. “Introducing the Numbers Collection from 100 Thieves, a contemporary approach to classic sportswear. Characterized by its attention to detail through premium materials and construction.”

Available In-store

The apparel will also be available in 100 Thieves’ brand-new retail store. They will locate it inside their state-of-the-art Cash App Compound in Los Angeles. On the day of the drop, they will host a celebration featuring some of the industry’s largest names, including creators and athletes. There will also be an exclusive item available only in-store.

Minimalist design

The designs featured on each item are simple and plain, with a minimalist aesthetic. Each piece emphasizes the number “100” in a bold typeface, coupled with a capitalized “THIEVES.” This is different compared to the other apparel from rival teams. Cloud9 and TSM, for example, feature colorful art and designs on their merchandise.

Additionally, the website offers a sneak peek through their new Lookbook. The photographs give customers an idea of how the clothes look on other people. Viewers can tell this will be a comfortable collection to wear during the upcoming spring season.

The apparel drop

CEO of 100 Thieves Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag shared a few words on the exciting new drop and store reveal. “My goal since Day 1 with 100 Thieves has been to elevate apparel in the gaming community.” He continues, “ This first collection and our retail experience is the most progressive creative work we’ve done at 100 Thieves.”

The unisex collection will be available both online and in-store on Saturday, February 29. The in-store collection will be available earlier in the day at 10 AM PST, while the online drop will be at 12 PM PST.

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