If you meet these kinds of toxic players while playing, Get ready  for some keyboard Hulk smash-ing.

DOTA 2 has always been a melting pot for gamers around the globe. Since it was officially released in July 2013, millions of players have already matched up with different regions, nationalities and race. Because of its complexity and diversity, players normally encounter misunderstandings and will eventually start expressing toxic behaviors. As the game evolves, these toxic players also level up their bad behavior and nothing can stop them. Right now we will talk about different types of toxic players around the globe. Are you one of them?

Common Types of Toxic Players

The Troll

You got it wrong! I am not referring to the famous warlord Jah’rakal or those dolls with weird hair. I am referring to the players who are really happy to start WW3 in your chat room. They are the great initiators of arguments and they just love to see you upset. Provoking is one of their supreme skills and they want to see your emotional response. They love arguments. It is music to their ears. Your attention is like a banana to them and guess what? They are the monkeys.

The Racist

If Donald Trump was a gamer, he will definitely fall under this category. Normally these toxic players hate to play with other people not because of their color or language, but because of their bad experience playing with them. Racists normally hate Peruvians, Russians, Chinese and Filipinos. They think these people are rude, childish, and below average players. These toxic players normally need to encounter people like Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King. They pretty much believe in stereotypes in DOTA 2.

The Dictator

They are the reincarnation of Hitler but this time more talkative. A.K.A “El Kapitan”,“The Pilot” and the Albert Einstein of DOTA 2. He thinks that all of his team mates suck so he is taking charge. He normally signals on your location and is manipulative. If he can use 5 different computers at the same time he will because he doesn’t trust other people. This type of toxic player normally gets a reply from his team mate like this “I know what I am doing”. However, it will not do the trick and he will most likely still command you until the end of the game.

The Farmer

If you’re planning to have a short and interactive type of match then this toxic player will ruin your game. They are players who normally pick NP, Naix, Medusa, Magina or Legion commander. They will farm their way to the ancients and neutrals until the end of the game. You can compare them to a mythical type of Pokemon because they are rare to see in any clash. Legends say that as you read this article, they are still farming and no one knows when they will appear again. They are the type of toxic players that would not care if your team is losing or winning. Their favorite motto is “Farm and Farm until you succeed there are no creeps”.

The Peenoise

Yes! They made it on my list. Peenoise are the type of toxic players who abuse their microphones with loud noises and are definitely keyboard warriors. Converting DOTA 2 to a battle rap, Peenoise can be the strongest contenders. Their toxicity has no boundaries. They are the players who normally pick SF, Tinker or Invoker as first pick then ask for 2 tangos and 1 ward. That’s not the worst part of it, they are players who always fail in mid then blame their team mates for not putting wards in the bounty area.

The Intentional Feeder


This is one of the oldest toxic players in the game. These players most probably had a seminar with Mother Theresa since they have the urge to feed those in need. This type of player randomly picks a hero then TP their way out of your base until he reach the opponents tower and die. They normally repeat the process but this time he needs your courier to join him and that’s more money for the enemy team. They act as a spy and will tell the enemy team what you are currently doing so that your plans to win will be destroyed. The reasons why they are feeding are random so good luck on your game because reports and -25 MMR doesn’t scare them.

The Injoker

These toxic players have been inspired by multiple top Invoker players on the league. They normally appear in pub games and want to spam sun strike with the sound of “We are electric“. If they hit their target. Injokers can normally cast 2 or 3 skills (with Aghanims at 30 minutes mark) if they are still sane. If the situation gets tough, Ghost Walk is automatically on their skill list and they will randomly throw meatballs or hurricane to innocent creeps. They press all the buttons on their keyboards, act like a pro then will just throw 1 or 2 skills in clash. You can’t just really rely on them.


How to Deal and Adjust to them

In all honesty, toxic players make the game really stressful. But if you dig deeper, they make the game more fun and challenging. It is just a matter of how you adapt to them. As the saying goes “An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship”. Similarly, the negativity or toxicity of a player can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside your head.

TIPS: Always remember the acronym RIM, when encountering toxic players.




These are some examples of toxic players in DOTA 2 that you can meet every game. Do you have other types of toxic players to share? Let’s us know!

Marlon Basilio
Some players are called "cancer" because they want to drag other players down so that they can be at the top.