Esports is one of the most passionate industries in the world. It’s commitment, passion, triumph, and tragedy. Games are the tool, but people are at the core of every moment, every victory, and every defeat. Daily Esports shouldn’t just be out to recognize that, but live and breathe it. We should strive to share the stories of our fellow enthusiasts who train and push every day to be the best they are in their particular game. When a talented streamer has an insane double headshot using a pistol at long range? When a team succeeds where they’ve fallen in league play so many times before? When the underdog fights against all odds to become champion? We should be there to tell the story up front and from the distance. And that means reaching out to people and giving them a platform through us to share these amazing moments.

Of course, we will also strive to share in the latest and greatest competitive gaming has to offer. When patch notes drop, we’ll not only write about them, but maybe even take part in sharing our knowledge of the game and how this shifts the dynamic we and the community around us have come to know. When a new battle royale drops, it’s our agenda to talk about how it stacks up or improves upon Fortnite or PUBG and whether it will live or die as a result. When a new competitive game drops in our favorite series, we will be there to identify the topics and write the guides that will help our fellow players achieve their goals of success. The game has always been important to the people and it’s just as much our job to share in the newest competitive arenas out there.

We are all here in this place for a reason – hopefully, a love of one game or many – and that means sharing in the passion that allows us to talk to the people who form the competitive community like second nature. We are Daily Esports. Daily Esports. And that means finding the stories, making the connections, and pushing the latest of the competitive community every day. With enough effort, we can blend the game and the people who play together enough until we are synonymous with esports journalism, news, and reporting. We can and should be daily esports for anyone and everyone who arrives at our table.

Every day we research tirelessly to bring you in-depth looks at all of the hottest esports games and teams, which specialized editors monitoring titles like Overwatch, Fortnite, PUBG, Dota 2, League of Legends, CounterStrike, Call of Duty, and many others. We’re working hard to become the leader in North American esports, with hot takes on all of the daily events and in-depth analysis. There’s a lot of web sites out there — we at Daily Esports hope to earn your respect and trust by bringing you the most authentic and devoted writers on the scene.

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