All-Star skins for this year’s Overwatch League revealed

Last year, the Overwatch League ended with a fun event known as the All-Star weekend. The fans chose their favorite players from teams league-wide, putting them into two teams based on their location (Atlantic and Pacific). The event included competitive Lucioball games, as well as a show-match between casters and analysts. It ended with a very positive outlook, and Blizzard did confirm that it would return for a season two.

Included with these interesting games, the company released two new skins specific to these two sides – Atlantic and Pacific. These All-Star skins were for characters Tracer and Genji, getting Pacific and Atlantic respectively.


Last year’s All-Star Tracer and Genji skins

Even with the heavily modified schedule this year, Blizzard announced that the All-Star break would arrive after Stage 2 instead of at the end of the season. Voting is over, but the new skins have already leaked to the public. The new skins are for two support characters this time: Atlantic Mercy and Pacific Lucio.

New skins for a new all-star

As opposed to the traditional contrast of the red and blue, these two skins are different. Lucio seems to implement that green color while Mercy rocks the purple, to most fans’ liking. The general reaction to these skins was positive, arguably even more so than last year’s. They might not be as obviously referential to the All-Star teams, but they do look very nice.

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Just like last year, the skins are purchasable using the same Overwatch League tokens that you use to buy team skins in-game. However, there is no confirmation yet for if these will cost the same or more, as last year fans complained that the skins were a bit too expensive. Especially with the bigger league and bigger teams, there are more personalities in this year’s All-Star weekend. And with it being sooner, we all can’t wait for the wide selection of fun events to watch on May 15 and 16.

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