Hyperx Esports Arena
Hyperx Esports Arena at the Luxor, Las Vegas. (Image by Allied Esports)

Allied Esports Entertainment, a global esports entertainment company, will receive a $5 million equity investment from Brookfield Property Partners, one of the world’s largest premier real estate companies. As a result, the latter will become a shareholder in Allied Esports.

The agreement will entail Brookfield Properties bringing Allied Esports’ new on-mall esports venue concept to its existing retail destinations. In a collaborative effort, the two companies will work to develop dedicated esports venues and experiences designed for tournament gaming. This will entail PCs and consoles available for daily use, broadcast and streaming production capability, and food and beverage options.

Allied Esports recently announced that its first on-mall location will be at Mall of Georgia.

Esports Arena in Las Vegas

The beauty of the esports arena. (Image by Allied Esports)

“As esports continues a pattern of tremendous growth, infrastructure and the creation of live, in-person experiences for gamers of all levels will become paramount to the overall ecosystem and the communities that are being developed,” said Frank Ng, CEO of Allied Esports Entertainment.

“Retail locations like shopping malls are the perfect foundation for this industry innovation and we’re excited to expand our on-mall presence with a global leader like Brookfield Properties.”

Allied Esports is known mostly for its flagship venue, the HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas, and for hosting the infamous World Poker Tour. The on-mall concept was created to complement the Las Vegas arena along with other facilities under Allied’s vast property network.

A global esports network

Allied Esports currently hold 11 properties under their global umbrella. This includes the Esports Arena Orange County, Esports Arena Oakland, and HyperX Studio in Hamburg, Germany. Additionally, the Allied Esports Property Network boasts an “affiliate program” for partners looking to open new esports facilities.

It’s exciting to continue seeing huge opportunities for gamers to connect and to compete. Going forward, we expect to keep seeing big moves in the international gaming community as more investors jump on the bandwagon.

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