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Cyberpunk 2077 is full of choices when it comes to individual quests. These choices usually pertain to the main story missions, as each decision you make can have a huge effect on the game’s outcome. As such, players are worried about making the wrong decision that could lead to the various “bad endings.” One such choice is deciding between Angel or Skye in the Automatic Love main story mission. While it seems like a trivial choice, some players are concerned that if they pick the wrong NPC, the story will take a nefarious turn. So, which character do you pick in Cyberpunk 2077?

Choosing between Angel or Skye in Cyberpunk 2077

As a warning, this post contains spoilers about the main story missions “Automatic Love” and “The Heist.” If you haven’t started or finished these missions and want to avoid spoilers, we don’t recommend reading any further.

The Automatic Love quest sees you trying to track down Evelyn Parker, the fixer who set you on The Heist in Konpeki Plaza. Obviously, things took a turn for the worse after the mission concluded, leaving you with a death clock and Johnny Silverhand in your subconscious.

To try and set things right, you attempt to find Evelyn Parker through Judy, her friend who put you in the Braindance. After speaking with Judy, you learn that Evelyn works at a club called “Clouds.” Eventually, you find yourself at the club’s front desk, where the receptionist will ask you to jack in so she can find a “doll” for you.

Who to pick between Angel or Skye in Cyberpunk 2077's Clouds bar

The dolls are essentially hypnotized sex workers who try to help people with their problems. The receptionist finds you two compatible dolls, Angel and Skye, and asks you to choose one or the other. When presented with this decision, players have no idea which one to pick. However, in the end, it doesn’t truly matter.

Once you pick one, you’ll end up in a booth talking to them and dissecting your problems. At the end of the conversation, both characters will offer information on Evelyn Parker. You then set off to find another character, leaving either Angel or Skye behind.

It really comes down to personal preference in the end when choosing between Angel or Skye.

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