A new Apex Legends playable character was reportedly leaked on Reddit earlier today by user Voeno. The character is called Octane, the high-speed daredevil. The leak included only one screenshot which listed his passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities.

The screenshot leaked of Octane and his abilities.

His passive is listed as Swift Mend. It restores health to Octane over time while he is not taking damage.

His tactical ability, Adrenaline Junkie, gives him a 30% movement speed buff for six seconds. This ability causes Octane to lose 10% of his health, although it is not clear if it is his max or current health that the value is calculated from. Furthermore, he is immune to slows while this is active.

Based on this information he appears to be a support character. He can quickly get into fights through use of the speed boost on his tactical ability. Octane’s ultimate will provide mobility to his entire team making the ring less of a concern. Meanwhile, his passive allows him to not need exterior healing sources and sustain himself during pauses in combat.

There has been no official information released on the new character Octane so far and as this is a leak some of this information may still change. As more news unfolds we will update this article with any relevant details.

Dave Throop
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