Apex Legends Season 2 loot details leaked: gold shotgun bolts & new equipment type

Apex Legends in Season 2: new item type, new attachments and flyers!

Season 2 of Apex Legends is approaching rapidly and you know what that means: data-mine leaks. A Reddit user with the name Rengold posted today of new voice lines found in the game’s code. These were added into the game with the recent update 1.2 and appear to be preparation files for Season 2 content. It seems a lot will be added to the game in the next season.

First on the list is the mysterious fifth item type. Respawn themselves acknowledged the item in their recent community update. Rengold’s finding indicates that this will be an item with only three levels of rarity, at least for now. We still don’t know what this item will be, but the Apex Legends community has speculated that it could be anything from melee weapons to jump packs.

Next on the leak list are voice lines for Level 4 sniper stocks and shotgun bolts. Respawn’s design philosophy for Level 4 attachments — gold attachments — is that they provide the same flat upgrade to weapon performance as Level 3, but with a unique added perk. It’s too soon to guess what either item will do, but it’s safe to say the gold shotgun bolt will get a lot of players very excited. Anything to better kit out a Mozambique, right?

Finally, Rengold has discovered a voice line referring to “flyers” — the Pterodactyl-like creatures seen in the Apex Legends Season 1 release trailer. Players will be able to ping flyers. The finding also indicates flyers will sometimes be found in cages.

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Apex Legends Season 2 loot details leaked: gold shotgun bolts and new equipment type | Data miner Shrugtal finds Octane assets in Apex Legends

Unused Apex Legends banner art found by Shrugtal.

Updates have never come to Apex Legends at the rate that fans have desired, so (maybe for the wrong reasons?) it’s pretty exciting when they finally come around. In any case, stay tuned to Daily Esports for more updates, which — given Apex Legends‘ overactive data-mining community — are sure to come soon!

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