Awesome Games Done Quick 2019

Another year of Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) wrapped up this weekend and broke its record for the most total funds raised. After a week of nonstop gaming, they raised an incredible $2.39 million thanks to all the generous attendees at the event and those who were watching the Twitch stream. This year’s event took place in Rockville, MD, where over 2,200 people attended to watch gamers play through some popular titles. The games played from Jan. 6 until Jan. 13 included Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (which I was very pleased to see included), Bloodborne, and many other favorites.

On Twitch the total number of simultaneous viewers was 219,240 at its highest peak. It is truly impressive to see so much money raised, and all for a good cause as well. Previously, the record for money collected at Awesome Games Done Quick was $2.29 million in 2018, also for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Viewers during the week not only had the chance to watch these speedruns but were also invited to put their donation money toward specific incentive challenges they wanted the gamers to complete.

You can check out the sweet finale video posted for the event:

An amazing start to 2019

In just seven days they managed 133 different speed runs, attracted 31,907 donors, and 46,379 donations. All very very impressive numbers at the end of the day. While this event may be over for now, GDQ will be back later this year Jun. 22-30 with Summer Games Done Quick in Bloomington, MN. Since the inception of Amazing Games Done Quick back in 2010, they have raised over $19 million for important global charities, namely, Prevent Cancer Foundation, Doctors Without Borders, Organization for Autism Research, and CARE. The year 2020 will see AGDQ head to Orlando, FL, but no actual date has been announced yet. Another record could be set later this year at SGDQ! It’s heartwarming to see the gaming community come together like this.

Tarah Bleier
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