Battle Pass Guide: Path of the Spellbinder

Disclaimer: You can use either hero of your choice on our Battle Pass Guide list, since they work just as well. We pinpointed the quickest Heroes to use per quest.



Purchase Arcane Boots before the game timer reaches 13:00 / 09:00 / 07:00.

Best Option: Zeus. If you have difficulties right click last hitting on Zeus, pick up a point in your Q to instantly deal the killing blow to the creeps. The lightning bounces will also push out the creepwave and allow you to get more last hits, quickly.

Option 1: Necrophos. With an early point in Death Pulse, last hitting as Necrophos is remarkably easy and Arcane Boots build nicely into Guardian Greaves (which has an incredible 69.99% winrate on him).

Option 2: Timbersaw. Last hitting may be a bit more difficult in the offlane, but your teammates will be more likely to let you last hit as Timbersaw versus a support hero. A point in Reactive Armor will allow you to stay in lane for longer, and your Whirling Death will deal a decent amount of damage to a creepwave. Remember to disassemble your Arcane Boots for a Bloodstone.

Notes: Realistically, you can build Arcane boots on just about any fast farming hero and disassemble later on. Energy Booster can be built into an Aether Lens, Lotus Orb, Bloodstone or Octarine Core, so you can recycle your Quest boots that way on any hero that picks up these items.



Slow the movement speed of enemy Heroes for 100 / 175 / 250 seconds.

Best Option: Venomancer. At level two, you can have TWO separate abilities that will slow an enemy’s movement speed. Venomous Gale will give enemy Heroes 50% move speed slow, and Poison Sting (passive) will deal up to 14% slow. Simply get an early point in Poison Sting and harass the enemy out of the lane. You’ll give your carry plenty of space to farm, and you’ll complete your quest before you know it.

Option 1: Storm Spirit. Overload is a passive ability that is triggered every time you use a spell, and will deal 80% movespeed slow. You can use your ultimate Ball Lighting to zap in place and spam Overload over and over again on an enemy hero.

Option 2: Drow Ranger. Frost Arrows, when fully maxed, deal 64% slow on every right click attack. 

Option 3; Invoker. Ghost Walk will slow enemy heroes in an AOE up to 50%, but is easy to detect. Ice Wall will also give a considerable slow, up to 140%.

Other options; Leshracs Lightning Storm will slow up to 75%. If you prefer to use an item, Rod of Atos will give a 60% slow up to every 10 seconds.



Aether Lens before 20 / 15 /12 minutes.

Best Option: Zeus. Use your Q to instantly nail every last hit. Try to maximize your kills and the usage of your ultimate for the most amount of gold early on.

Option 2; Omniknight. You don’t absolutely need a Soul Ring, but it does help. If you do, build it as soon as possible (don’t be afraid to start with a recipe and buy your Ring of Regen and Sage’s Mask at side shop).
Max out your Purification and stack jungle camps as fast as possible. Pull the camps to the creepwave. Remember you will get less gold by pulling the easy camp, so it is recommended to pull the large camp instead. Use your Purification on yourself in the middle of the creep camps to clear them. Right click every enemy in the camp one by one, taking turns so the damage is spread evenly. This will wipe the camp the fastest and will lead to Aether Lens.

Option 2: Death Prophet. Your Q, Crypt Swarm deals 300 damage when maxed out and will very quickly clear a wave or a stacked creep camp. Use your ultimate to take down as many towers as possible.

Notes: These picks, like others in the guide, are based off farming speed + % winrate with Aether Lens.




Spend 8 / 16 /24 urn charges on friendly or enemy Heroes.

Best Option: Spectre. Her ultimate Haunt leads to her to having an extremely high kill participation rate, allowing her to collect Urn charges very quickly. It also happens to be a pretty decent item on her in the early game– take advantage of the stats!

Option 2; Spirit Breaker. Charge allows him to cross the map very quickly for constant ganking. Playing aggressively will get you Urn charges to use offensively.

Option 2: Support hero with good assist rate; Crystal Maiden, Disruptor, Zeus, Pheonix.

Notes: Spam your Urn charges on enemy Heroes, too! The Urn’s damage over time can make a huge difference in making the kill and will cancel Blink.



Silence enemy heroes for 60 / 100 / 140 seconds.

Best Option: Silencer. Play aggressively and spam your Last Word. Maxed out, it will silence an enemy hero for up to 6 seconds. When you have your ultimate Global Silence, don’t be afraid to use it. You probably won’t need it, but you can pick up a Refresher Orb too.

Option 1: Doom. You will have to use your Doom on an enemy hero 10 times to complete this quest with three stars. Possibly more depending on the overall duration of Doom.

Option 2: Using a hero with a muting or disabling spell such as Legion Commander Duel can also work for this Quest.

Other options; Other sources of Silence when maxed; Death Prophet Silence (6 seconds per 12s cd), Drow Ranger gust (6 seconds per 13s cd), Bloodseeker Blood Rite (6 seconds per 13scd), Skywrath Mage Ancient Seal (6 seconds per 14s cd).

Notes: Reportedly, using Silencer can occasionally be bugged for this Quest.



Pick up 5 / 6 / 8 runes.  1 / 2 / 3 must be Arcane runes.

Best Option:  Queen of Pain; if you have difficulty securing runes fast enough.

Option 1: Mirana, Leap + Arrow to help secure runes.

Option 2: Bounty Hunter; Shadow Walk

Notes: You can download a mobile app to remind you to walk to the runes on time. Look for Dota Timers on the appstore!



Ancient Apparition: Deal 3000 /5000 / 7000 Magic Damage with Ice Blast.

Best Option: Combo with a Clockwerk. Communicate when he will land his Hook into Cogs. This will almost always ensure you get the Ice Blast off.

Option 1: Elder Titan. Stomp into ultimate combo is a great starting point.

Option 2: Magnus or Enigma– AOE stun + gather will also help you land your Ice Blast.

Option 3: Legion Commander. Ice Blast into Duel.



Necro 1 / Necro 2 / Necro 3 before 25 minutes.

Best Option: Broodmother. Take offlane and focus on taking enemy rax as fast as possible.

Option 1: Invoker. If you absolutely need extra damage to help along with your last hits, consider an Exort build.

Option 2: Beastmaster with a farming lane. Stack, or ask a support to stack camps for you to take with Wild Axes.

Option 3: Lycanthrope in a farming lane can pick up a Necronomicon 3 fairly quickly. For all options, remember to push out towers as fast as possible. Alternatively, Nature’s Prophet.

Notes: The Shop Smart Quest is bugged. There is a chance the Quest will not be completed. It might also update late– move on to another Quest and check back to see if it updates. 



Damage enemy Heroes 10/15/20 times with 100 Magic or Pure damage within 10 seconds.

Best Option: Shadow Fiend with Aghanims Scepter is almost guaranteed to work, depending on the positioning of your ultimate. Try using Shadow Blade to get on top of the enemy players. 

Option 1: Crystal Maiden level 3 ultimate. Pick up a BKB to keep enemy heroes from interrupting the channeling. Consider comboing with an allied Magnus or Enigma to easily get all enemy heroes within range.

Option 2: Enigma. A decent Black Hole could pull this off.

Other Options; Reportedly, you can get this Quest done with Sand King in some situations. However, each pulse from Epicenter deals less than 100 damage before Veil. Since you need at least 100 dmg, there’s a very good chance using Sand King will fail the majority of the time.

Notes: A lot of people aren’t entirely sure how this Quest works.  The goal is not to deal at least 100 damage in 10 seconds.  Instead, you have to do instances of at least 100 damage per second each.  To get three stars, you need to do this 20 times within 10 seconds.  Meaning, 20 different hits of at least 100 damage in the given time.




Nature’s Prophet: Deal 2000 / 3000 / 5000 damage to enemy buildings, summon 50 / 75 / 100 treants.

Best Option: To deal enough building damage for three stars, you will need to take at least 4 towers. This can be done fairly easily by picking up a Necronomicon, Aghanims Scepter and possibly a Refresher Orb.

Notes: Aghanims Scepter will also summon treants for you.



Purchase Bloodstone before 36:00 / 30:00 / 24:00.

Best Option: Storm Spirit. Between kills, take waves and stacked camps with your Static Remnant and Overload. 

Option 1: Timbersaw. Clear creepwaves with Whirling Death.

Other Options: Other heroes that hold a high winrate with Bloodstone include; Tinker (you should focus on BoTs first), Leshrac, Death Prophet, Zeus, Necrophos.



Kill 5 enemy Heroes before the game timer reaches 30 / 25 / 20.

Best Option: Zeus. Try not to annoy your teammates with your ultimate Thundergod’s Wrath, but use it accordingly. Remember your Lightning Bolt deals a ton of damage when maxed out. Communicate with your teammates and roam to other lanes and the enemy jungle for easy pickoffs.

Option 1: Techies. Consider comboing with a Magnus for guaranteed Mine kills. Combo with a Tusk or a Tiny for easy Suicides.

Option 2: Nyx Assassin. Use the offlane for solo EXP to grab your ultimate Vendetta as fast as possible. Carry a TP and prey on enemy supports and junglers.



Deal 7500 / 12,500 / 17,500 or more Magic or Pure damage to enemy Heroes.

Best Option: Timbersaw. Whirling Death deals 250 magic dmg, pure if it cuts trees; 6 second cooldown. Timber Chain deals 220 Pure damage, 4 second cooldown. Chakram deals 180 damage when passing and 100 damage per second. Aghs grants a second Chakram.

Option 1: Enchantress. Impetus damage is capped at 385 dmg at maximum range.  Deals Pure damage.

Option 2: Outworld Devourer. Deals Pure damage depending on his remaining mana pool.

Option 3: Zeus. Can deal enough damage to complete the quest depending on your item choices. Spam your abilities as fast as possible. Consider Refresher, Octarine Core and Aether Lens.

Option 4: Lina. Dragon Slave deals up to 320 magic damage. Light Strike Array deals up to 200 magic damage. Laguna Blade deals up to 850 magic damage– pure damage if you buy Aghanims Scepter.

Other options; Tinker. Other nukers (Leshrac, Queen of Pain, etc) can also work for this quest but tend to have lower winrates this patch.



Steal 2000 / 3000 / 4000 HP from enemy Heroes using Octarine Core as Leshrac.

Best Option: If you’re having difficulties picking up an Octarine Core fast enough, stack or ask a support to stack for you. Take the midlane if possible.
Lightning Storm and your ultimate will clear waves and creep camps very, very quickly. Always carry a TP and farm every lane your teammates are neglecting. Late items will make you relatively useless in the midgame. If you can’t pick up an Octarine Core fast enough, consider buying a BKB, Orchid, Glimmer Cape or Bloodstone beforehand. Join as many fights as possible between waves.


Notes: You need to be missing HP to heal from enemy Heroes. Reportedly, sometimes the Quest can be bugged and the damage counter will include damage done to neutrals.



Perform 3 / 5 / 7 two Hero Shackle Shots, and attack enemy Heroes 50 / 100/ 200 times with Focus Fire as Windranger.

Best Option: Remember to pick up a Blink for positioning your shackles and keep wards up at all times. If your supports aren’t warding (properly), buy one for yourself. 50 gold is absolutely worth it to complete this quest. Aether Lens will help. If you are absolutely struggling with landing your Shackle Shots, you might find it easier to build a Shadow Blade instead of a Blink.
Consider building a Hurricane Pike as it will further increase your attack speed and range.


There goes our super quick Battle Pass Guide for the Path of the Spellbinder! What do you think?

Do you have great hero builds that helped you finish the Path of the Spellbinder Quests or any additional notes we should add? Share it with us and comment below!

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