The Battle Pass hype is getting bigger than ever

For the Battle Pass owners, they guarantee that they will make the best out of the season. There are a lot of goals with mouth-watering rewards that did not fail to make the players wanting for more.

Indeed, this may be a very efficient marketing strategy by Valve. But we can’t deny that we are loyal consumers willing to grab a luscious bite of the game even if it costs a quarter of our monthly compensations. We slim our wallet faster than any slimming products available in the market. And we do it in the most enjoyable way.

The announcement for the Battle Level Bundle Weekend Sale last June 30 brought Battle Pass owners to add funds on their accounts immediately. Availing the bundle will make your battle pass gain 50 levels, and you will gain 2 Immortal Treasure I, 2 Immortal Treasure II and 2 The International 2016 Collector’s Cache.

You will save over 60% on the value of levels and treasures combined. Only Battle Pass owners can avail the sale and they can purchase one promo per person. The weekend sale lasts until July 4, 2016.

Predictions on The International 2016 Regional Qualifiers pay off. The update includes granting Battle Points for correct predictions. These Battle Points are used to getting higher levels and claiming more rewards.

A new community challenge is unlocked. Scandalously good, battle pass owners are needed to successfully detect the enemy team using the Scan 10,000,000 times to finish the said challenge. When the goal is reached, owners are granted 3 balls of fire to be used in a pinball game where there is a chance of winning 2,500 coins or equivalent to 2 ½ levels.

The interface of the rewards sections has also been updated. It’s easier to differentiate the levels that do not have rewards because they are now displayed as blocks.

The current prize pool is $15M+. The Battle Level Bundle is assumed to boost this whooping prize pool even higher by the end of the weekend sale. Beating The International 2015’s prize pool would mean treasure rewards granted to every Battle Pass owner. Three ‘Trust of the Benefactor’ will be given a chance to receive limited-run prizes.
Keep posted with The International 2016 updates and feel free to share us your thoughts.

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