Meet the Most Commendable Best Friend Player Types in DotA 2

We already know the toxic types, now it’s time for us to introduce their admirable counterparts

It is really rare to see players who stand out not because they are toxic, but because they show a genuine love for the game. You can definitely consider them as your companion or best friend since playing with them is fun and you can give your trust to them. We will now introduce to you the most common players that will make your normal and ranked matches more entertaining, delightful and exciting. Are you ready to meet them?

The Exceptional Support

Can you still remember the time that someone from your team picked a support hero? However when the game starts they did not buy courier, will not buy wards, will last hit your creeps and are maybe also kill stealers. I know how frustrating it is, but you don’t have to worry. If you meet the exceptional support players they can be considered as the Good Samaritan of the team. They will definitely provide you all the things that you need to make your game easier, from courier, observer wards, sentry, dust and smoke of deceit name it they will provide it to you. They are also the type of players that will not last hit your creeps, babysits you in the lane and will not let you die even if it means that they need to sacrifice their own hero.

The Awesome Leader

Have you encountered players who like to treat everyone as their subordinate, command you and will even scold you for making errors? The awesome leader is different from them. They are the types of players that will definitely bring out the best in you. This player will provide you helpful tips when you commit mistakes and will cheer you up when you do something good. They bring a positive aura and direction for the team. They give opinions on what should be the best play for your team, and when and how to execute it.

The Chill

No matter how hard the troll and intentional feeders try to flame everyone, the chill type of players try to cool everything down and make sure that there will be no arguments within the game. They are the mister nice guy and the peace maker of the game. There is no amount of trash talk and personal insults that will make them hate the player. They just focus on the game and their favorite line is “relax guys and just focus”.

The Hero

The heroes are the type of players that can definitely change the tides of the battle. They are normally silent and will stand out in important moments of the game. You can always rely on them because of their supreme play styles, whether they are supporting or carrying. And whether they are just doing major work in a clash or have ended up maximising their farming ability. Whenever you see them you feel that everything will be alright in the game. There is always an unheard voice telling the team “I got your back guys”.

How to Appreciate Them

These are just few types of players that can change the way you perceive DotA as being a toxic game to play. These players stand out not because they want to be commended, but because they want to start a change in the DotA 2 community. A change that can definitely make the game more pleasurable and more suitable environment for every players. If we just support and accept every player’s imperfection, the DotA 2 world will be a more fun and competitive place to play. Again, admirable types of players are really hard to find and if you will find one, I recommend to appreciate their excellent behavior and play ethics by doing ANY of the following:

SUGGESTION: Always remember the acronym PAC, when encountering commendable players.



C – COMMEND (If you think they stand out by being friendly, forgiving, you learned an important thing from them and being a good leader)

Are you one of the rare players that I described earlier?  If not, do you know any players you consider as best friend or companion that shows this kind of behaviors whenever they play? We want to hear your awesome stories.

Marlon Basilio
Some players are called "cancer" because they want to drag other players down so that they can be at the top.

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