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The Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Beta is just days away. As with everything Call of Duty, the hype machine is in full swing as Activision knows exactly how to market the franchise. I’m sure the years of experience targeting their audience has nothing to do with that. With the beta, we’re gaining access to 10 specialists, six modes of play, six maps, new weapons, gear, and various new scorestreaks as detailed in our article earlier this week.

In the entirety of the nearly two-minute trailer, these details and footage of this weekend’s beta are the least interesting content shown. The final 20-30 seconds are where the juice is at. Ever since Black Ops 4’s announcement, it’s the Blackout mode that has piqued the interest of competitive gamers. Blackout mode is the Call of Duty version of the ever-popular battle royale format, and the ending of this trailer finally gave us a glimpse of that very thing. Check out the trailer below. The brief tease of Blackout mode begins at 1 minute and 25 seconds.

Battle Royale: What do we know?

Now that your eyes have feasted on the scraps Activision’s marketing just threw our way, let’s dissect what we know. For starters, the trailer appears to be portraying a squad version of the mode similar to the squad or duo options seen in PUBG or Fortnite. As integral as vehicles have always been to, say, the Battlefield franchise, vehicles have never truly made a mark in the multiplayer for Call of Duty. While there have been limited offerings here and there, the game has largely been relegated to focus on the soldier avatars rather than letting players control heavy-duty machinery in a free-roaming format. Here, we see ATVs and a squad circling their prey in a helicopter. Everything from snipers to RPGs will be available to swat those pesky birds out of the sky.

It also appears that the variation in appearances for each of the players alludes to the possibility of deep customization. Everything ranging from the standard tactical outfits to period-piece attire stretching back decades seems to be fair game here.

Hidden trailer photos revealed

There’s also an additional element of this trailer that has piqued my interest. Throughout the Blackout mode, the screen quickly fazes through scenery from other aspects of this upcoming battle royale mode. It only takes the internet a few moments to freeze frame the blink-and-you’ll-miss-them photos and make them public. The Sun took care of that for us.  Check out the photos they captured below.

So what other environments are we looking at here? One of the images portrays a player speeding along in a boat in some sort of bay while another offers a glimpse of players rushing through a dark tunnel (potentially underground?). A few of the cutaways displayed derelict residential and urban areas as well as a tropical setting (given away by the prominent palm tree). Finally, there is an image of a player sky-diving over a canal of sorts.

I’m thoroughly intrigued and am ecstatic for more. We will have to wait until September to get our hands on the beta-centric Blackout mode. In the meantime, I’ll be seeing all of you on the Multiplayer Beta this weekend!

What are your thoughts on the sliver of footage we’ve received for Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode? Do you have any hopes, dreams, or wishes for the direction of the Call of Duty battle royale mode? Let us know in the comments below! As with everything related to Call of Duty, be sure to check back in with Daily Esports for the latest.

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