Apex Legends bloodhound beast of the hunt ultimate

When Season 4 of Apex Legends debuted on Tuesday, everyone rushed to try out the new character Revenant. This happens every season, but this time felt different, as Revenant is fairly powerful with three dominant abilities. Pair this with the fact that he’s a brand new legend, and you end up with every team featuring a Revenant.

However, there’s one other character that fans should be turning their attention towards. Buffed in Tuesday’s update, Bloodhound seems to be making his way back into the spotlight thanks to his Beast of the Hunt ultimate ability.

Should Apex Legends players use Bloodhound more?

Bloodhound has always been a mid-tier character in Apex Legends. The tracker has never sat at the top of the meta but also never at the bottom. His abilities are useful enough to keep him in the mix for players of all skill levels.

However, in the recent Season 4 update, Respawn decided to make Bloodhound more viable. When looking at the patch notes, we can clearly see this attempt by Respawn. Here’s the official description for Bloodhound’s buff:

  • Downing (not killing) players adds 5 seconds to Beast of the Hunt timer. It is possible to exceed starting time with successive kills.

When reading the changes for Bloodhound’s Beast of the Hunt ultimate, it may not seem like much. Downing enemies isn’t the easiest thing to do even if you can see them through walls. However, Reddit user danthemandoris shows us exactly how useful the buff can be in-game.

The Bloodhound buff is legit. 5 knocks added 25 seconds to my ult, I’d absolutely have choked this without the buff. from apexlegends

So, if you can manage to secure one knockdown of an enemy, Beast of the Hunt becomes extremely overpowered if timed correctly. Essentially, the ultimate can be active for an entire engagement with an enemy team. Of course, you need to hit your shots to down enemies. But if you can manage that, you’ll be pretty unstoppable.

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