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Call of Duty professionals have voted to keep the Domination game mode in the Call of Duty League (CDL). This follows after reporting from last week that the CDL and players were debating the continued inclusion of the game mode. The results of this vote, however, arrive via the CDL releasing a mid-season update that included the discussion of maps and modes.

Fans of the CDL have called for the removal of Domination since the beginning of the league, often in favor of Control that was introduced in Black Ops 4. Similarly to Domination, Control is a respawn game mode that features two control points. But the players and officials have apparently decided against such a change.

Call of Duty allows players to decide

The Call of Duty League has elected to allow teams and players to make competitive decisions. In their mid-season article, they state the following:

“The Call of Duty League prides itself on working closely with players and teams to discuss any potential changes related to the competitive experience. With the midseason here, and every team having competed in an equal number of events, the League saw an opportunity to re-examine the 2020 competitive ruleset, which impacts both the Call of Duty League and the path to the pro system, Call of Duty Challengers.”

It appears that the league is actively making changes that will improve the game in the long run.

Players being able to discuss competitive game modes and maps ensures they are getting the best experience. When it came to the discussion of Domination, the “majority of players and team personnel voted to keep Domination in rotation for the rest of the 2020 season.” The CDL also stated that players “did not suggest any new potential maps and chose to retain the current map pool lists. As such, no maps will be added or changed at this time.” This means that the game modes and maps will stay the same for the rest of the season most likely.

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