Modern Warfare beta

After weeks of waiting, the Open Beta for Modern Warfare is officially live. Infinity Ward has turned on the servers, and if you pre-ordered on PlayStation 4, you have access to Modern Warfare. We went over how to claim your beta access using codes earlier, so check that out if you’re confused. This early access for pre-ordered PS4 users will last until Sept 14, when every PS4 player will have access to the beta.

Keep in mind, this is only a beta and it’s Infinity Ward’s first time turning the live servers on. There might – and probably will – be some lag/server issues within the first few days of the beta.

Modern Warfare’s beta has officially begun

Over a month ago, we got to see our first look at Modern Warfare‘s multiplayer mode. An all-new experience for long-time players, this year promises to feature tons of content. From different ways to customize weapons to large-scale maps and player counts, Modern Warfare is truly a break-away from Call of Duty.

However, that doesn’t mean the core Call of Duty feel still isn’t there. Killstreaks from previous Modern Warfare games are present, as are equipment and weapons. Although, we may not get to see all of them on the first weekend of the beta.

We reported on some leaks from TheGamingRevolution a few days ago that appear to have come true. The level cap for this first PS4 weekend is set at level 10, meaning we won’t have access to many guns or killstreaks.

That said, this level cap will continue to rise as the beta progresses. Hopefully, we’ll eventually get to play with all of the weapons and equipment we’ve seen in the gameplay reveals leading up to this point.

We’ll be covering every aspect of the Modern Warfare beta, from the best weapons and attachments to in-depth guides. Make sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports for all of that coverage.

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