Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 The Stadium opening
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Call of Duty: Warzone is quickly approaching the end of Season Four, with August 5 the rumored end date. However, with this, comes the introduction of Season 5, which promises to shake up the game in more ways than one. The teasers have already started rolling in, with three being sent to popular Twitch streamers. In these teasers, it seems like something will happen with a nuclear explosion and The Stadium location. So, one can surmise that The Stadium’s doors might finally open. This was even hinted at by the official Call of Duty Twitter account.

The Stadium finally opening in Warzone Season 5?

Ever since the arrival of Warzone, The Stadium has been a thorn in player’s sides. The giant arena is a camper’s dream, as you’re able to land on top of the location but not climb up. Obviously, players have taken advantage of this and been a constant point of annoyance for players on the ground.

It’s natural that a majority of the player base wants this Warzone location to at least open its doors. Well, according to a new tweet from the Call of Duty Twitter account, those fans just might get their wish in Season 5.

In the tweet, it’s stated that “Our doors are open to ideas.” Clearly, this is a tease that the next season of Warzone could see The Stadium’s doors opening. However, we still don’t know if this is because of the nuclear explosion that’s set to go off or the developers manually opening the doors.

The past week or so hasn’t produced any new teasers, so we may have to wait until the actual release date of Season 5 to find out the answer. Though, it seems certain that The Stadium will feature a more open environment when the season rolls around.

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