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The shroud around Call of Duty 2020 grows thicker and thicker by the day. It’s mid-July, and we still have not seen any official news regarding this year’s newest entry in the franchise. While there have been leaks galore, Activision has not released anything official.

However, that doesn’t mean hints aren’t being dropped throughout the gaming world. Last month, we saw what is believed to be a listing for the COD 2020 beta. The listing was called “The Red Door” and could be found on the PlayStation Store. Though, many thought this was smoke and mirrors since it never led to anything. Well, earlier today, we saw the listing again.

The Red Door hints at Call of Duty 2020

The newest listing for The Red Door is on the Xbox Live Store. Known leaker @TheGamingRevo3 (TheGamingRevolution) was the first to discover this nugget of information, as he often does. You can see the listing below, courtesy of the leaker.

According to TheGamingRevolution, The Red Door is an alpha test that the developers are using. The tests seen on PlayStation and Xbox as Treyarch, the developers of 2020’s title, are gearing up for either a reveal or beta.

Along with the listing for The Red Door is the title’s download size. It’s estimated to be around 81.65 GB, which is pretty standard for a AAA multiplayer title in today’s age. Of course, you can’t actually download this application.

However, the listing also comes with a “Redeem Code” option, which signifies that this application will eventually be used for a beta. In the past, preorder users have been given a code to redeem on the console stores to ensure they partake in the beta.

Although, at this moment, all of this is merely conjecture. Activision still hasn’t made any announcement about the newest Call of Duty, and we’re not sure when it will. Though, with this new listing popping up, one has to think something COD 2020-related is coming soon.

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