This press release is to mark the announcement of COBX Gaming’s new Dota 2 roster – Team Signify. After months of planning and research, COBX Gaming has decided to pick up a Dota 2 roster to participate in Dota 2 tournaments across the globe. The team will be based out of India but has players from the Indian,SEA, and Oceanic region in its current form. The team + the manager will be operating from a boot camp in Mumbai for the near future to help them train for upcoming tournaments. The boot camp will be equipped with high-end gaming PC’s, high speed internet with custom routing and other resources required for a team to function properly. The roster, as of now, has been finalized as follows:

Raunak ‘Crowley’ Sen – India

Moin ‘No_Chanc3’ Ejaz – India

Andrei ‘Skemberlu’ Ong – Philippines

Joshua ‘Owa’ Dela Serna – Philippines

AJ ‘Xrag’ Casanada – Australia

Marcela ‘KaOLee’ Lala (Manager) – New Zealand

About the Team

The team has been put together by the COBX management in conjunction with Raunak Sen and Moin Ejaz. Both Raunak and Moin are considered among India’s top players and are very active in the SEA as well as the Indian scene. Raunak will be the captain of the team while Moin will be the primary drafter and in-game leader. The team will focus on Indian as well SEA tournaments such as the upcoming ROG Masters and the ESL India Premiership Fall Season and will aim to be one of the top SEA teams after the initial settling down period.


  1. Andrei ‘Skemberlu’ Ong: At just 17 years of age, Skemberlu is the youngest members of the team. One of the finest young talents in the SEA region, Skemberlu is versatile, talented and also the highest ranked player in the team according to the Valve mmr leaderboards. He has represented some known names in the SEA region such as Acion Arena and Arcanys. He will be taking the 1 position in the team.
  2. Raunak ‘Crowley’ Sen: Raunak has been one of India’s most popular and successful gamers. He has played for some of the best Indian Dota squads like Oblique Gaming, Neckbreak, Invisible Wings and Entity Esports. Having been under the limelight from a very young age, Raunak lives and breathes gaming. Not only has he won some really big tournaments in India like the TE Cup 2016 and Dew Arena 2016, but has represented India internationally as well. Raunak brings incredible talent, experience as well as a vibrant personality to the team. He will be playing the position 2 for now.
  3. AJ ‘Xrag’ Casanada: Xrag is an Australian Dota player who will join the team as an offlaner. He has been a top tier player in the Australian scene for a while now having played for teams such as Can’t Say Wips and Da Teletubbies. Known mainly for playing from the mid lane, Xrag will be switching up his role. At 20 years of age, he still has plenty of experience having captained the DTT roster last year.
  4. Moin ‘No_chanc3’ Ejaz: Arguably India’s most loved player and the first known Indian to reach 7000 matchmaking points, No Chanc3’s name is synonymous with Indian Dota. Known for having a sharp mind and being a genius drafter, Moin will be a valuable addition to the team. Moin has previously played for Indian line ups such as Team Elunes, Beyond Infinity, and Entity Gaming and is known for the being the mastermind behind BI’s infamous run in the SEA Open Qualifiers for TI6. Calm and quiet on the outside, No chanc3 is equally explosive within the game where he puts his Dota talents and sharp mind to the real test. He will be on the support role for Signify.
  1. Joshua ‘Owa’ Dela Serna: He is without a doubt one of the most experienced Dota players in the SEA scene having played the game competitively since the Dota 1 days. Owa is a pretty staple name in the Philippines Dota circle having played for teams like Acion Arena, Mineski and more recently the ESL One Genting LAN with Execration. His experience and knowledge will be invaluable for Signify. Owa plays support for the team as well.
  2. Marcela ‘KaOLee’ Lala: The team will be managed by Marcela Lala who will be flying down from New Zealand to stay with the team. She has previously managed team DTT for over a year and is a known name in the SEA Dota scene. Marcela is extremely passionate about esports and very well connected in the SEA Dota 2 circles and the management is glad to have her on board.
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