Counter Logic Gaming announce Rush as streamer

Counter Logic Gaming sign Rush as streamer

North American esports organization Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) announced that Lee “Rush” Yoon-jae would join CLG’s Stream Team. Rush had previously played for Echo Fox as a jungler, but he left after Michael “MikeYeung” Yeung joined the roster.

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Lee “Rush” Yoon-jae

If he hadn’t left, Rush would have been released in 2 months anyways alongside the rest of Echo Fox. This was because of a conflict where Rick Fox threatened to leave the organization because co-founder Amit Raizada had been using racist slurs against another investor. After months of unrest, the problem wasn’t solved internally. Riot Games decided to take back the LCS slot and auction it to a new ownership group.

As for Lee “Rush” Yoon-jae himself, he is now a streamer for Counter Logic Gaming. Rush started his competitive League of Legends career playing for LMQ and Team Impulse in the NACS. He later joined Cloud9 in November of 2015, where he stayed until July of 2016. Afterward, he moved to South Korean organization KT Rolster, which went on to place 3rd at 2018’s LCK Spring Split and 1st during the Summer Split. However, he was not part of the five-man roster for the 2018 Worlds Main Event where KT Rolster lost to Invictus Gaming in the quarterfinals and placed 5-8. Finally, Rush joined Echo Fox for the 2019 LCS Spring and Summer Splits.

Counter Logic Gaming Stream Team

Counter Logic Gaming currently has 11 people on the Stream Team. This includes Shiphtur, bnans, Adrian Riven, ChaseShaco, MajinPhil, Mathil1, Cheese05, SimpleFilps, witwix, ZFG1, and newly joined Rush. After losing to Cloud9 in the LCS Semifinals, CLG will play Clutch Gaming for the 3rd place match up. Counter Logic Gaming will also play in the 2019 LCS Regional Finals for a chance to join the 2019 World Championships in the Play-Ins stage.

Rush joining Counter Logic Gaming fills in the void that Hammoudi “Yassuo” Abdalrhman left after not renewing his contract. Yassuo was later announced to have joined 100 Thieves. Is there a chance Rush will go back to a competitive career in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and keep up with all of the latest League of Legends news and content here at Daily Esports.

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