EU qualifiers

The competitive season has started and we recently got done for the European qualifiers for the DAC. As expected, the competition was fierce since only one team will participate from each continent in the DAC.


The teams were divided into two groups. Group A consisted of B)ears, Team Secret, Na.Vi and Ad Finem while group B had  Team Liquid, Cloud 9,  Alliance and NiP.

The playoffs saw some major upsets, one of them being Ad. Finem being destroyed by the Danish bears for a perfect 2-0.

Na.Vi faced off against team secret in intense matches. They lost game 2 to Secret due to their incredibly farmed PA, but later recovered in game three, to defeat Team Secret.

In Group B, Cloud9 completely annihilated Alliance with a 2-0 victory. Both games lasted less than 30 minutes and kill difference between them was huge.

NiP lost to Liquid 2-1, but the recently formed team put up a good fight.  NiP had early game advantage so much so that I seemed that team liquid would lose. But Liquid staged comebacks later on in the games. NiP’s early game advantage could only win them the second match.

Round 2

After having established themselves as a very formidable team, B)ears faced off Na.Vi and defeated the Ukrainian giants 2-0. This put Na.Vi up for a fight in the lower brackets, and B)ears straight into finals.

In the lower bracket, Ad Finem suffered yet another defeat with Secret winning against them 2-0.

Secret later staged another perfect win against Na.Vi, thus eliminating them.

In Group B, Team liquid, carried by Miracle, defeated Cloud9 2-0 Whereas Alliance defeated NiP 2-1. Cloud9, determined to advance forward, Defeated Alliance 2-1 and advanced into semi finals.

Semi Finals

The Semi Finals saw B)ears pitched against Cloud9 and Liquid against Secret. Both the matches went as expected, with bears winning 2-0 against cloud9 and Liquid winning 2-0 against secret.

The loser’s bracket saw Cloud9 winning against Team Secret 2-1 and thus, eliminating them.

Winner’s Finals

Team Liquid won 2-1, but the Danish Bears put up a great fight, with match 2 being about an hour long. This match saw some of the best plays in the tournament. B)ears lost the match, but won our hearts.

Loser’s Finals

This match saw B)ears clean up cloud9 2-0 with first match being more than 80 minutes long and Cloud9 having a huge early game advantage. They sailed through the second game, with Feero’s Shadow Fiend reaching beyond Godlike streak.

Grand Finals

Team Liquid seamlessly cruising through the match against B)ears.  Due to B)ears’ under-farmed Juggernaut, Liquid got a huge kill difference on the first game of the Grand Finals. The second match too saw Liquid destroying their line up, with Miracle’s Invoker being Godlike and putting them through to the DAC main event.

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