Datamining suggests Batman is on its way into Fortnite

From Avengers crossovers to John Wick and Borderlands 3, Fortnite is all about keeping things fresh. Now one of the most famous superheroes may be coming according to recent data mining: Batman.

From digging through data from the latest update, images were leaked revealing that Batman skins, gear, and weapons are apparently coming to Battle Royale. We are also possibly getting a new glider and a Gotham-themed map. The images look pretty legit, so it’s safe to say this is on its way quite soon. Batman Day is this weekend on Sept. 21. If Epic Games is planning to make a Batman announcement, somewhere around then is likely when we will hear from them. As of this writing, everything is only speculation until Epic confirms. You can check out the image and more via Reddit below that showcases all the leaked images.

More on the way others say

Now on the skin side, the Joker and Batgirl are also rumored to be joining the Caped Crusader. Apparently three encrypted skins were data mined, two male and one female. The female could also very well be Harley Quinn, opening up the possibility for more characters to come. It is always exciting whenever we see things like this being added to the game. It keeps Fortnite fresh and gives players who may also be comic book fans a chance to show that off in-game.

The Avengers event was a welcome return again this year with Thanos and the tie-in with Endgame, so why not Batman? Who wouldn’t want to run around and play a round while dressed as the Dark Knight? If you have ever played any of the Batman video games, the answer is yes. Hopefully, we get the official word from Epic soon along with some more images and a possible trailer. Stay tuned for updates.

Tarah Bleier
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