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When Dead or Alive 6 was announced early in June, fans didn’t know what to make of one key detail — breast physics. Specifically, it was due to the comments made by the game’s producer and director Yohei Shimbori. Shimbori noted that Dead or Alive 6 characters will be “more realistic” and “less sexualized.” That meant a lot of things, but to some, it automatically meant that there’d be “no jiggle” or fan service anymore.

Dead or Alive 6 — realism in breast physics

Yohei Shimbori did clarify that breast physics will still be in the game, just that they’ll be more realistic this time around, considering that the game is using a brand new and yet-to-be-named engine. This means that there will be no gravity-defying boobs that bounce all the way to the air. No more distracting jiggles in the middle of juggles.

That’s what we’ve learned from our friends at Dualshockers when they spoke with Shimbori recently at Gamescom. Shimbori noted that Team Ninja aims for a more realistic take even when it comes to breast physics. In a way, certain movements in the chest area will be more noticeable depending on the characters and their attires. You can check that out on display in the video above.

As you can see, the buxom Helena does have a noticeable jiggle when she’s simply posing. Meanwhile, Leifang — who does have a lither build — has less movement. As mentioned, attires will also come into play. Kasumi’s armored suit, given that her chest area is ironclad, means that breast physics will be restricted. For Hitomi’s karate gi, you can see that it’s more evident.

Whatever the case may be, we do hope that this is a step in the right direction for Team Ninja. Remember, their reason for making these changes is to adapt to the times. Just as well, there’s the idea of showing that the franchise has indeed matured compared to over-the-top displays in the previous iterations, such as Dead or Alive 5 and the Xtreme Volleyball games.

In going for a more realistic depiction of breast physics in Dead or Alive 6, Team Ninja is balancing the need to provide a more grounded product — while also adding a bit of the fan service that they’re known for.

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