Dead or Alive 6

At Sony’s Tokyo Game Show lineup reveal show earlier today in Japan, a new Dead or Alive 6 trailer was shown off, revealing a bunch of new characters, as well as information on preorders and the Digital Deluxe version of the game.

We get to see a little bit of the Story Mode for DOA6, and all in all we see four new characters revealed: Ayane, Marie Rose, Honoka, and Bayman. We also get a peek at a new stage. Amping up the crazy from the previously revealed pirate stage, we see a Jurassic Park theme park episode with a water slide, giant dino eggs, and oh yeah… a giant T-Rex!

Also revealed by Koei Tecmo in a press release is info on the Digital Deluxe version and preorder bonuses. PS4 owners who preorder DOA6 will receive an exclusive theme, and “The Female Tengu” Nyotengu as a playable character. Xbox One owners who preorder will also receive Nyotengu, plus a preorder bonus costume for Ryu Hayabusa.

Further announced was an early purchase bonus for anyone who buys the game digitally by March 14, 2019. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners who buy the game early will receive an exclusive bonus costume for Kasumi, and Steam users will receive the Kasumi costume, as well as Nyotengu.

The Digital Deluxe version for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam will include 25 extra costumes, 3 bonus music tracks, a DDX-exclusive Kasumi costume, and (returning from Dead or Alive 5) the Kasumi Clone, Phase 4 as a playable character.

You can find out more information on the preorder bonuses and the Digital Deluxe version here. Dead or Alive 6 is scheduled for release on February 15, 2019.

Dead or Alive 6
Dead or Alive 6

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