Rebalancing the game is what everybody wants! But how was it for DOTA after releasing the patch 7.02? On this patch, the update focused on Talent Trees, Items, Wards and many more. So, let’s go take a look about this stuff. Shall we?

After releasing the update, players had different reactions! Some were kind a bit happy but many were very sad and angry. After interviewing some players, some had similar comments about the patch.

On the positive side, they say that

“It was fine. Helm of the Dominator is now very helpful to carries while farming. It gives attack speed and aura regen.”

On the negative side,

“We are still waiting for so called ‘balanced’. Monkey King must be nerfed or should I say, the Critical Damaged must be reduced on the early game. We can’t even pull creeps anymore on certain areas and the warding is a little bit complicated’’

Survey says that there are more negative comments that positive ones about patch 7.02.

Major and Minor Changes

There are actually 30 general changes that took effect on patch 7.02. One of the biggest changes is that the shrine, becomes vulnerable after a tier 3 tower falls, instead of destroying all tier 2.

Some minor updates, like the items were totally fixed. Which means, little by little, DOTA 2 is becoming normal again.

One is Sentry Wards now comes in packs of 1 for only 100 gold, instead of still earning 200 for 2.

Battle fury’s radius is increased from 280 to 300 and the distance is increased from 520 to 570.

Another is the Aegis of Immortal expiration regen, now has the same damage dispel rules as the Healing Salve.

Balanced or not, we still love the game. We all believe in the saying “Once in, Never out.” We’re just used to the old DOTA which makes us really sad on the new updates. What we really should do is to focus on learning about the new updates and develop some techniques.

Hi! Im Aaron Zandler Guillermo, 15, part of the News team. I play DOTA2 and Unturned. Dangerously Handsome, Currently studying on high school. I do martial arts, broacasting and many more :)