50 Percent of the Teams at the Event are now Chinese

It was announced at the end of June that Fnatic would unfortunately not be attending the Nanyang Championships Season 2, due to their Support player ‘DJ’s’ visa rejection. DJ has been subbing in regularly for Fnatic for the last 8 months becoming a staple player for the team. Despite this, both Fnatic fans and critics alike don’t think he has been the best addition to the team. However, Fnatic have generally been improving their standings at the major tournaments since his inception into the team doing well against major top-tier opponents such as OG and Newbee at the Shanghai Majors. Even with this unfortunate situation, the Nanyang Championships weren’t the only premier tournament that Fnatic have been set to play in over the next month and a half before The International in August.

It was also announced earlier today that EG wouldn’t be attending the Shanghai Majors because of a visa rejection. EG’s Mid-player SumaiL was declined for unknown reasons so far, and it is unknown if clerical or submission errors were the problems. Of course speculation in chats, comments sections, and blogs of course state that the problem was likely SumaiL’s place of birth Pakistan. SumaiL has received a visa to play Dota at tournaments held in China on at least 2 previous occasions. First at the Dota 2 Asia Championships early in 2015, and the Shanghai Majors earlier this year in March. Because the team will miss the Nanyang tournament, they are going to need to use individual Scrims and some smaller tournaments to keep practising with their new roster. The team had performed well in the North American Qualifiers for the International only giving up a game to compLexity after picking a largely unorthodox lineup for their players. But with their generally good results at the qualifiers, the team’s new roster line-up is currently placing well against the other North American teams which includes DC.

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