Hello! These are my personal opinions about the Dota 2 Patch 6.88 gameplay update. The Patch 6.88 comes out on June 12th and has some interesting changes. I’ve been playing Dota for 4 years. Here are my thoughts on the patch.


Abaddon received a tiny nerf, about his mist coil cast range, not a huge deal.

Anti-Mage’s ult mana void, has a mini-stun which was 0.15 seconds has been increased to 0.3 seconds on this Dota 2 Patch 6.88. If he was ever in the 6.87 meta, he’s carrying stronger now.

Arc Warden got a couple of buffs including a reduction to the Flux cooldown, and tempest double
cooldown and duration were improved, we might see him being tested out by a couple teams as a support.

Bane’s brain sap’s cooldown was reduced and now is level dependent, 14 to 14/13/12/11. We might see him creep back into the meta as a counter against hard hitters like sven.

Beastmaster’s Primal roar was nerfed pretty significantly on this Dota 2 Patch 6.88, the damage was reduced to each level, 50 off the first level, then reduced to 25, and then returning to 300. I feel like he will still stay in the meta because the stun of Primal Roar is pretty significant to team fights.

Bloodseeker got buffs, his rupture’s percent damage was increased for the first 2 levels, and his blood rite cooldown was reduced by a couple seconds.

Bounty Hunter got some nerfs to his track self-gold, he might fall out of the meta, because his early leveled ult does not that much of an impact as it once did.

Brewmaster got a big buff to his ult, his primal split spirits got buffed. The earth spirit’s attack range increased, the fire spirit’s armor and attack range increased and the duration of the ult increased to 20 seconds at level 3. We might soon see the return of the drunken panda to the meta

Centaur Warrunner’s double edge cooldown decreased to 5 seconds and his strength gain increased to 4.0

Chaos Knight’s ult Phantasm is one of my favorite ults, with the cooldown lowering by 10 seconds, I’d like to see him creep back into the meta.

Clinkz is another one of my favorite heroes to play in Dota, with his attack range increasing I might not have to buy a Dragon Lance anymore.

Clockwerk got buffs to his rocket flare and power cogs, I’d love to see some offlane clockwork in some competitive games.
Crystal Maiden got some 2 buffs of similar nature, Crystal nova and frost bite’s cast range both increased by 25.

Death Prophet’s spirit Siphon got nerfed, with a drain to 16 HP from 25 HP. I think she might not be picked as much, but her ult Exorcism still does work in team fights.

Disruptor a tiny nerf to his ult, there is no more lingering silence after the duration of static storm. I feel like it won’t have a huge impact because you can still glimpse people back to their fountain.

Doom’s ult is pretty essential to any team fight, with the new 145-second cooldown he might slowly fall out of the meta

Drow Ranger’s turn ratio was increased to 0.7, and her frost arrows now slow more. Maybe we will see some more EE drow ranger.

Earth Spirit’s ult magnetize now has a level dependent cooldown, starting from 100 seconds at level 1, and an 80-second cooldown at level 16

Earthshaker’s infamous ult Echo Slam had its range increased to 600 from 575

Enigma got a big change on this Dota 2 Patch 6.88, now his black hole’s damage type from Magical to Pure and pierces Spell Immunity but the Black Hole damage was reduced from 55/110/165 to 50/100/150. I think we will see some more enigma this patch.

Gyrocopter’s Scepter Side Gunner attack interval improved from 1.4 to 1.2. This is ] a huge deal because a lot of player buy a scepter on gyro.

Invoker received a nerf to his forged spirits in which they do less damage, 29/38/47/56/65/74/83 to 22/32/42/52/62/72/82.

Jakiro’s ice path got a buff, increasing its total duration. From 1/1.4/1.8/2.2 to 1/1.5/2/2.5

Keeper of the Light got a buff, chakra magic’s cooldown was reduced and his intelligence was raised to 25.

Kunkka got some damage buffs to tide-bringer, and the slow from torrent was increased

Legion Commander got buffs on this Dota 2 Patch 6.88, her cooldown for moment of courage was reduced and overwhelming odds got a damage increase. We might see her creep back into the meta due to the 0.8-second cooldown on moment of courage

Lich’s scepter ultimate now slows for a 50% and ice amor slows for a 30%

Lifestealer was buffed again to have his base attack speed increase to 1.85. He will probably stay the same place in the meta.

Lina’s Dragon Slave’s cooldown was reduced by 0.5 seconds

Luna got some buffs, her stun now lasts 0.8 seconds, thus effecting her ult. Furthermore, her movement speed increased to 335 from 330

Magnus one of the famous wombo combo heroes got a strength gain change to 1.9 and his cleave now has a larger area cleave.

Medusa’s intelligence gain was changed to 2.1, now she may be a little more present in matches

Meepo got buffed, his geostrike damage per second increased, and now it scales by 10 for each level. At max level it now does 40 damage, we might see a comeback for the meepo army

Morphlings hybrid got a reduced cooldown and his agility gain was increased.

Naga Siren got her strength gain buffed a little to 2.5

Necrophos got a unique change, the heartstopper aura range was increased but now does a little more damage.

Nyx Assassin got a movement speed buff, now his movement speed is 305

Ogre Magi got a flat 90 mana cost for ignite, and the interval for multicast as increased.

Omniknight got changed on this Dota 2 Patch 6.88, his Strength increased from 20 + 2.65 to 22 + 2.8.

Oracle got a purifying flames buff, now with a range of 900

Outworld Devourer got buffs that might let him back into the meta, the essence aura mana bonus was increased and the arcane orb now steals 60 intelligence

Phantom Assassin can now use phantom strike to hit spell immune units, we will see her come up in pubs more often I think

Phoenix’s infamous sunray now does less damage. With that, she might fall out of pro matches.

Pudge ‘s rot slow was increased to 30% and the dismember cooldown is level dependent, at level 3 its 20 seconds, we might see him come to pro games

Pugna got intelligence growth buffed and nether blast cooldown was reduced.

Razor’s ultimate eye of the storm now does more damage per strike, at max level it does 70 damage.

Riki who was one of my favorite heroes to play now has a fixed mana cost of 90 for smokescreen

Sand King now has a slightly reduced cooldown and a 22 strength gain.

Shadow Demon’s disruption illusions now last a little longer.

Shadow Fiend got a movement speed buff and an early leveled Necromastery buff in which he can hold more souls.
Shadow Shaman’s ultimate now does more damage and now the serpent wards now do 100% splash damage.

Silencer got a big agility gain, now to 22 from 16

Skywrath Mage’s concussive shot now does 250 AoE damage from 200.

Slardar’s movement speed was reduced to 290

Slark’s pounce now does reduced damage

Sniper now has increased shrapnel damage, he might come back to the meta due to that change

Spirit Breaker’s greater bash now does more damage on this Dota 2 Patch 6.88, at level 4 it now does 46%

Storm Spirit got 2 buffs to his passive ability overload, it now does more AoE damage and more damage. We might see EG pull it out during a game or two.

Templar Assassin another favorite of mine, got some buffs on this Dota 2 Patch 6.88. Her psy blades split width was increased as well as the psionic trap max slow was increased to 60%

Terrorblade got buffs to his conjure image. Now it does cost less mana and lasts longer

Tiny’s toss got buffed, now with a cooldown of 8 seconds, we might see some teams use him.

Treant Protector’s base damage was increased by 6

Troll Warlord got several buffs, Berserker’s Rage no longer provides 100 Health Bonus.
His strength was increased to 20, Berserker’s rage armor bonus increased to 6 and the attack time was improved and finally the ranged whirling axes travel distance increased from 945 to 1000. I’d like to see him come back to the meta.

Undying’s intelligence gain was increased, and Decay got buffed with a cast range and duration increased.

Ursa now has more base health regen and his fury swipes now has a 20-second duration

Venomancer now becomes even more annoying, with his base intelligence increased and the plague wards doing more damage.

Viper like venomancer is even more annoying in this Dota 2 Patch 6.88, with the scepter cooldown on viper strike being 10 seconds, he now has a 2.1 strength gain.

Visage now has more bonus armor and has more magic resistance, we might see him being picked up by a couple teams during matches.

Weaver one of my current favorites, now has increased base damage.

Windranger’s windrun has reduced its cooldown, now it is 8 seconds

Winter Wyvern’s ultimate now has a flat 80-second cooldown.

Wisp’s Tether movement speed bonus reduced from 14/15/16/17 to 13/14/15/16%

Wraith King’s wraithfire blast now does more damage over time.

Zeus’s arc lightning now has a reduced cooldown to 1.6 seconds.


– Armlet
o Recipe now costs 550 gold
– Bloodthorn
o The critical hit now does more damage
– Butterfly
o Now gives 35 agility
– Crimson Guard
o Now has a reduced cooldown to 46 seconds
– Dragon Lance
o Got nerfed, strength and agility gain was reduced
o the range bonus was reduced
– Hurricane Pike
o Strength and agility gain was reduced
o Gives 100 attack speed for the 4 attacks
o This might bring the hurricane Pike into matches
– Rod of Atos
o Now has a 10 second cooldown

To summarize the Dota 2 Patch 6.88, the meta might have a couple new heroes joining the pool. Arc Warden might come as a support, Brewmaster might come as a mid, Enigma support, Legion Commander can come back, hopefully, Pudge might come to mid, Templar Assasin might return and Troll Warlord might come to the meta. With buffs to a butterfly, agility heroes who have a use for the butterfly will creep into the meta. We will just have to see what the pubs have in store for us.

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