Group Stage #2 of Dreamhack Allstars was going down for the two last days. Out of the eight teams participating, there were only two Korean ones, and yet, all of them are going into the semifinals.

From Group A, MVP Black and eStar Gaming managed to get the two available spots in Dreamhack Allstars, sending both Team Naventic and Please Buff Arthas home. MVP Black and eStar started with a clear sweep of the opposing team, showing the dominance of Korean HotS. Team Naventic then avenged their North American brothers, getting a 2-0 win against the Taiwanese team. The fourth matchup of the day was probably the most important and determining of Group A, MVP Black versus eStar Gaming. It was a strange BO3, three games were required, but none of them was even close: all the games were finished in less than 15 minutes. The first map was Sky Temple, MVP Black’s rotation were too strong and they took the game after 14:50 minutes. The Cursed Hollow map was pretty fast too, as eStar won in 13 minutes. The last one was even worse, it was one of the fastest pro HotS games ever: it only took 8:30 minutes for MVP Black to defeat eStar Gaming. The final match of the day was predictable, a 2-0 for eStar against Naventic.

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All the matches of Dreamhack Allstars Group B finished in only two games. The second day of Group Stage #2 started with Tempest beating X-Team and mYinsanity sending Team Dignitas to the Loser’s match. mYinsanity would then have to face the Korean team in the Winner’s match. However, they couldn’t do it and succumbed to their strength in a quick Game 1. The second game was closer, but they still couldn’t figure Tempest out. After Team Dignitas defeated X-team in two hard games, we would get a rematch of the first game of the day, to determine which European team would face the Koreans in the semifinals of Dreamhack Allstars. As predicted, mYinsanity defeated their cousins without breaking a sweat.


With the Dreamhack Allstars Group Stage #2 done, we can only look forward to the playoffs, starting tomorrow morning with mYinsanity facing the Koreans superstar team MVP Black. Do you think the Europeans have a chance to beat them and go all the way to the Grand finals to take on another Asian top team?

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