OG sweep NaVi 3-0 in the grand final of DreamLeague Season 5, defending their title. They take home 50% of the $100,000 prize pool.

The long awaited LAN Finals of DreamLeague Season 5 have come to a close, a month after the League Play finished. NaVi, No Diggity, and Virtus.pro joined OG in an action packed battle for the largest share of the $100,000 prize pool.

Day 1

Day 1 saw OG matched against No Diggity, and NaVi matched against Virtus.pro. OG, after a strong performance at Epicenter, looked to reaffirm their dominance of the DotA 2 scene as they had during the Frankfurt Major. On the other hand, DreamLeague Season 5 marked the debut of the No Diggity squad in major LAN events; the closest they got to the main stage was at Epicenter, where they fell 2-0 in the deciding set against compLexity. Nonetheless, they did not give OG an easy win. In the 3 game series, many unexpected decisions were made, such as laning a mid Naga Siren on qojqva (which had only been seen primarily in the Chinese scene), a carry Centaur for Era (who executed it perfectly), as well as a Templar Assassin pick for Miracle- in Game 3. Fly continued to shine on his Phoenix, which he played in Games 1 and 3, while Crit showed in all three games that Earth Spirit was still a viable pick in the new meta.

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Source: NoobFromUA Youtube Channel

This was followed up with a showdown between VP and NaVi, who both had something to prove. VP had recently swapped roles, giving ALOHADANCE the carry position, yoky- the offlane, and fng his support role back. Meanwhile, NaVi looked to strengthen their image in preparation for the Manila Major. The side of VP showed a lot of chemistry in the first game, with ALOHADANCE dominating 12/2/14 on Lifestealer. Unfortunately, they fell 2-1 to NaVi, losing the next two games of the series, thanks to refined plays by GeneRaL on Mirana, and ArtStyle on Enchantress, who ended Game 3 with a KDA of 13.0.

OG became the first team to advance to the Grand Final of DreamLeague Season 5 when they defeated NaVi in yet another 2-1 series. The first game was won off the back of Miracle-‘s Spectre, who was able to kite Ditya Ra’s Medusa in every single engagement. However, Game 2 would be even more interesting. OG went for a last pick mid Broodmother for N0tail, which got the entire panel behind OG, citing the difficulty NaVi would have with dealing with Brood in every point in the game. However, it was to be the most one sided match of the entire series. From the get-go, OG lost a rune fight, losing three heroes in the process. From then on, the lineup of NaVi relentlessly ran at OG, preventing them from farming. Even N0tail’s Brood suffered two deaths before the ten minute mark. Though Ditya Ra’s Drow Ranger was being relatively shut down, the Precision Aura buff to her allies easily made up for it. As the mid game approached, N0tail’s Brood was picked off at the start of every engagement, and ArtStyle’s Enchantress ripped through the rest of the team. This game is definitely a must-watch. Game 3 saw Miracle- ran over NaVi with a mid Timbersaw, something OG had been running exclusively.

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Source: NoobFromUA Youtube Channel

In the final match of Day 1, VP defeated No Diggity 2-1, with dominant performances from ALOHADANCE on his Juggernaut and Sven. Diggity once again tried the Naga mid strat, but the split push of qojqva was not enough. Interesting fact: Queen of Pain was picked up in all three games, and was always on the winning side.

Day 2

NaVi was once again matched up against VP for the final spot in the Grand Finals of DreamLeague Season 5. Game 1 was won off of Ditya Ra’s Drow. The sheer right click power was too much for NaVi to suppress, and they lost fight after fight in the mid lane. Game 2 once again featured a dominant Lifestealer from ALOHADANCE, ending the game with a score of 17/1/12. In the final game of the series, another interesting decision was made on the side of NaVi, laning a Dendi Earthshaker mid against G’s Dragon Knight. The panel had expected the third pick Mirana to be Dendi’s hero, but were needless to say, very surprised. Dendi went for a full maneuverability build, picking up a Blink Dagger into Force Staff, before going for an Aghanim’s Scepter. Fight after fight, we saw VP carelessly engage into a 4-man lineup of NaVi, only to be dunked by Dendi halfway through. ALOHADANCE was nearly a non-factor in the fights, as he would be melted by the magic damage of OG before he could do anything. Ultimately, VP called “gg”, and NaVi advanced to face OG in the Grand Finals.

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Source: NoobFromUA Youtube Channel

The best of 5 Grand Finals between OG and NaVi was short and sweet; Game 1 saw N0tail manhandle the squishy side of NaVi, ending with a score of 7/0/14. Game 2 was Miracle-‘s turn to shine, laning a Juggernaut mid against Dendi’s Windranger. MoonMeander also made several excellent plays on his offlane Dark Seer. The final game *finally* saw Fly’s Phoenix banned, which he had played in the first two games. OG drafted an early game lineup revolving around Miracle-‘s Timbersaw. His performance on this hero was so dominant; at pre-10 minutes, he was already confident enough to dive under towers to solo kill a max HP Dendi. At about the halfway mark, NaVi started winning teamfights, but they were almost always unable to kill Miracle-. It was rather comedic at times, at the parts when Miracle- would 1v4 the side of NaVi, dancing around the Dire jungle and midlane, stalling them for as long as two minutes. The only issue was that OG had trouble breaching high ground, as just five Impetus shots from ArtStyle’s Enchantress could kill N0tail’s Lifestealer. This prompted some interesting item pickups, like the Mjollnir on Timbersaw. However, OG would ultimately win, as Ditya Ra’s Terrorblade melted under Timbersaw’s spells, and often could not even cast his ultimate. By the end of the game, Miracle- had set the all time GPM record on Timbersaw.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNR64Q28lqw[/embedyt]

Source: NoobFromUA Youtube Channel

What will the Manila Major meta be like?

In a brief post-game interview, Fly mentioned that Phoenix would definitely be a large factor in the meta of the Manila Majors. He expressed confusion as to why not many teams aside from OG had been drafting the support Phoenix, as both its early, mid, and late game presence could be felt with adequate amounts of farm. This was evident in Fly’s Phoenix plays in both Epicenter and Dreamleague Season 5. What do you think will be part of the Manila Major meta? Comment below with your opinions, and be sure to check out the opinions of the DailyeSports staff in our upcoming articles on the Manila Major predictions!


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