Echo Fox Amit Raizada alleged racist to Jace Hall | Rick Fox angered

Recently, a scandal broke out regarding the usage of racial epithets by one of Echo Fox’s main shareholders. The person in question allegedly used the N-word to refer to Jace Hall, the CEO of both Echo Fox and Twin Galaxies, in an email. The shareholder is now known to be Amit Raizada, a founding partner at the Vision Venture Partners group, Echo Fox’s parent company. Earlier in the year, he and his group had raised $38 million for the American organization.

The revealing of the reportedly racist shareholder’s name was followed by some interesting comments from Rick Fox. At first, he had declared his intention to step away from everything related to the organization. Later on, however, he said that he would stick it out should the racist investor leave his charge in the company.

Echo Fox Amit Raizada alleged racist to Jace Hall | Rick Fox angered

Amit Raizada and Rick Fox had worked together for the development of Echo Fox before the incident. Photo via: Vision Global Foundation.

Amit Raizada, for his part, has also responded to his implication in the case. On a statement made by the law firm Genovese, Joblove, and Battista on behalf of Raizada, the following can be read:

First, Mr. Raizada has never used or made a racial epithet or statement towards Mr. Fox or anyone in his family. Moreover, Mr. Raizada has never threatened Mr. Fox or anyone in his family. Any allegations or suggestions to the contrary are simply false.

Regarding Jace Hall, however, Raizada himself said the following:

In a heated and contentious email exchange with Jace Hall several weeks ago, I lost my temper and used a racial epithet directed personally at him. I have apologized to Jace, and I would like to apologize to all. My language was wrong and there is no excuse for it. I have stepped down from all day-to-day decision-making with all entities in which Jace Hall and I were involved.

Echo Fox Amit Raizada alleged racist to Jace Hall | Rick Fox angered

Rick Fox has become familiar to the esports fans during his time with Echo Fox, as he has shown his true love for the community. Photo via: Riot Games.

From what it seems according to his statements thus far, Amit Raizada has realized his mistake and responsibly taken the blame for it. However, some suspicious articles published throughout these last few days suggest something else.

For instance, a press release published by Associated Press News promises to focus on the Vision Venture Partners group’s successful investment into esports. The text, however, simply goes on to detail Raizada’s supposedly outstanding business methods and intelligent decisions throughout his life. The press release is from Accesswire, a company that helps organizations get their messages out there. At the bottom of the page, a source and a contact are linked — both listed as Raizada.

Echo Fox Amit Raizada alleged racist to Jace Hall | Rick Fox angered

Amit Raizada, founding partner of the Vision Venture Partners group is now under harsh scrutiny for reported racist comments. Photo via: Vision Global Foundation.

Apart from this, another article published by GlobeNewswire also highlights Mr. Raizada’s “entrepreneurial spirit.” The evidence, therefore, points towards a curious conclusion. Raizada either wrote or had something to do with this article, but he wanted to keep it unknown to the public. This suggests that he was trying to disingenuously clean up his image. By uploading this article, it is also possible to change what comes up first when someone searches the person’s name on the internet.

We will have to see where all of this ends up leading, but for now, Raizada’s acts are aimed at burying the disgraceful comments he reportedly was responsible for.

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