While Evil Geniuses and Digital Chaos qualified for TI6 Main event by winning TI6 Americas Qualifiers, compLexity will have to go through the Wild Card Stage first.

Teams dominate first three spots in Round Robin Qualifiers

Evil Geniuses and compLexity both finished 5-1 in the Americas Main Qualifiers, a tiebreaker was required to determine which team would get the invite to TI6. EG were the strongest and they successfully sent their opponent in the fight to be the American Runner-up. With COL, there was also Digital Chaos, Void Boys and FDL who would try to fight their way to the Finals.

Credit: Liquidpedia

Credit: Liquidpedia


The Playoffs

The first day of Playoffs showed the gap between the top 3 teams and the others: COL defeated FDL in two games and DC did the same against Void Boys. The Loser’s match was no more equal, FDL decimated Void Boys to send them back home with nothing. Digital Chaos then showed their superiority, beating compLexity in about 30 minutes in both games. This way, they secured at least a spot to TI6 Wild Card stage. As always, COL defeated the Lower Bracket team and went on for another DC-COL rematch.

The BO5 started to look like a complete domination by Digital Chaos. They were leading in every aspect of the game and it took them less than 30 minutes to take both games. compLexity was on the edge of going to the Wild Card stage without a fight, but something told them it wasn’t their time yet. They woke up a bit late, but they went on to win both next games. It was hard, there was a lot of swings, but in the end, they came out stronger than DC. The whole TI6 Americas Qualifiers Final came down to a single game, with a safe passage to TI6 for the winner. The fifth and last game were a very exciting one, it was a long 63 minutes game, but it was an aggressive one. Every minute there was something interesting to watch, and what was supposed to happen never happened. One team won a fight, next time it was the other. And it went on for 63 minutes, Digital Chaos finishing on top. With a final push by w33’s Death Prophet and Resolution’s  Lifestealer, they were able to finish the throne.

There has been no real upset in TI6 Americas Qualifiers. Evil Geniuses seem to really be back, once again showing their superiority over the region. DC and COL clashed really hard, showing they are head-to-head and can both take on the international scene. The question now is: Will they be able or will they crumble under the pressure of this big event?

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