EG –

        Picks – Monkey King, Lina, Crystal Maiden, Puck, Spectre

        Bans – Nyx, Magnus, Warlock, Naga Siren, Keeper of the Light

Wings –

               Picks –  Invoker, Centaur, Rubick, Brewmaster, Doom

               Bans – Lifestealer, Io, Sand King, Silencer, Drow Ranger

Strategy and Picks

EG picked some pretty classic heroes that we’ve seen a lot so far in DAC such as Puck, Lina, and Monkey King as well as the last pick Spectre. Whereas Wings chose a strategy we haven’t see for a while going with the Brewmaster, Invoker tower pushing combo where you Alacrity the Earth Panda.

Laning Phase

The lanes went well for EG, getting first blood solo killing the offlane Brewmaster with their support Monkey King. A couple of great rotations came from EG following this killing Blink’s mid Invoker a couple of times. This made enough space for EG to be ahead enough to get away with going Midas on Spectre, Puck, and Crystal Maiden. At one point wings tried to take Roshan but EG were aware and killed 3 of the wings team but had to back without doing much tower damage due to the Invoker high ground defense.


At around 30 minutes however Wings strategy came alive, they popped Brew ult and just walked towards the Tier 3 bot tower killing it with ease as well as almost destroying the Melee Racks. Another push killed the Melee and the ranged racks. It seemed like there was nothing that EG could do as they were getting controlled a lot by the invoker whilst the pushes were happening.

EG tried to take a fight losing 3 heroes from which Wings pushed middle and took a quick tower and Melee Racks but lost a couple of heroes on the retreat. EG tried to make an aggressive play which worked well killing most of the Wings team but after some buybacks, they only managed to get Roshan.


Wings tried to take the top set of racks and secure the Mega creeps but after taking the tower EG took a godly team fight with a huge Monkey King Ult killing the entirety of Wings but losing RTZ on the Spectre.

It was this point onwards where EG realised that they had to take the fights out of the base to avoid losing the racks to the Earth Panda. EG took some great fights but after once again losing RTZ and again more buybacks coming on Wings nothing could be done to the Dire towers.

Wings took Roshan but with some careful movements from EG did not use it.

The Last Stand

At 58 minutes EG took a fight mid, killing the Brewmaster who didn’t have buyback creating a position where EG could hit the mid racks but after a blink in from centaur on Universe’s Puck they couldn’t push.

Both heroes found each other just a few minutes later with EG killing off Centaur, Doom and Brewmaster. Centaur bought back but brewmaster still didn’t have it. EG went in aggressively towards the tower and racks but after a Dream Coil and a jump in from the Monkey King there was nothing that wings could do. The melee racks were lost along with Wing’s Rubick, Centaur and Invoker in quick succession.

Rubick buys back. Invoker also buys back. Sumail’s Lina bloodstone suicides to get RTZ some more health so he can take the tier 4 towers and expose the throne. EG doesn’t know if they should just go for Ancient and take the game or should complete the middle racks and play it safe. They take one Tier 4 and the ranged melee racks middle. Lina is back alive already due to her reduced respawn time from bloodstone.

Brewmaster is finally back alive and blinks into the retreating EG squad activating BKB but EG just turns around and go on him. RTZ gets really low and retreats slightly to allow some time for his heart to regain his health but Blink Sun strikes him due to a dire ward scouting him out. RTZ buys back and uses his Boots of Travel to return to the fight. They kill Doom quickly before he can doom anyone and try to kill the rest of the team but then realise they can just hit the ancient and they do. EG wins.


The huge roars when from the crowd made the game even more entertaining to watch. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this game and the performance from both teams was far better than what we’d see from them in the group stage, showing none of them wanted to go home today.

You can watch highlights here –

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