The first two days of the ELeague CSGO this week were filled with action. The round robin stage kicked off with each team fighting for the top spot in the standings.

We saw a number of exciting matches between the four teams in action: FNATIC, FaZe Clan, Team SoloMid (TSM), and Team Dignitas.

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Here is a summary of all the action that took place on Day 1 (14th June) and Day 2 (15th June) of the Eleague CSGO.

Day One:

The first clash was between Team SoloMid and FNATIC on the maps Mirage and Cache. The first match that took place was a close call with FNATIC winning by a score of 16 rounds to 13. On Mirage, FNATIC took a huge lead in the beginning and it made it impossible for Team SoloMid to win. FNATIC won by the score 16 – 3.

Team Dignitas and FaZe Clan then took the stage on Cobblestone and Mirage. FaZe won by a comfortable margin in both matches, outshining Dignitas in all rounds. FaZe won on Cobblestone with 16 – 5 and on Mirage with 16 – 6.

Finally, FNATIC and FaZe clashed off in what was the most interesting two matches of the day. They took on each other on the maps Cobblestone and Mirage. FNATIC whitewashed FaZe on Cobblestone with a perfect score of 16-0. In Mirage though, things were different. FaZe took charge in the beginning half of the match with a score of 10-5. They eventually pushed further and won the match in Mirage with a final score of 16-8.

Therefore, at the end of Day One of Eleague CSGO, these were the points:


FaZe: 3

Team Dignitas: 0

Team SoloMid: 0

Day Two:

The remaining clashes of the ELeague CSGO took place on Day 2.

The first match was between FaZe and Team SoloMid. The maps for the clash were Cobblestone and Train. Again, FaZe overshadowed their opponents. They won with scores of 16-13 and 16-12 respectively.

The second clash was between FNATIC and Team Dignitas on Cobblestone and Dust 2. As expected, FNATIC won both rounds with a score of 16-9 and 16-6 respectively.

The final matchup of the day was between Team Dignitas and Team SoloMid on Mirage and Dust 2. Team Dignitas registered their first two wins of the Eleague with scores of 16-12 and 16-11 over Team SoloMid.

At the end of Day Two, these were the standings:


FaZe: 6

Team Dignitas: 3

Team SoloMid: 0

This meant that the following clashes were set to take place in the semis on June 16th:

FNATIC vs. Team SoloMid

FaZe vs. Team Dignitas

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