The ESL One Frankfurt 2016 Qualifiers have finally come to an end after a one month halt.

Due to ESL One Manila, WePlay, and EPICENTER, the Chinese qualifiers for ESL One Frankfurt 2016 had to be postponed to mid-May. The last weekend was full of action-packed Chinese action, with several Chinese giants like EHOME, VG/VG.R, LGD, and the newly famed Wings Gaming fighting for the chance to prove themselves in Frankfurt.

The qualifier was set up as a single elimination bracket, with 4 invited tier 1 teams starting in the quarterfinals, and 6 invited tier 2 teams and 2 qualified teams starting in the round of 12.

Notable surprises included Invictus Gaming and Vici Gaming, who both have been in their respective slumps since the spring shuffle. In iG’s BO3 against CDEC, Ferrari pulled out very interesting picks, such as the Naga mid. The final game was an action packed 58 minute gorefest with a total of nearly 90 kills with rapiers on both sides. iG ultimately fell to VG.R, the winner of the SL-Invitational last March.

Vici, after acquiring Sylar, thus compromising their potential invite up until after TI6, have not had the most impressive run. Given this, many were surprised when VG defeated CDEC Youth 2-1 in the round of 12. They then proceeded to defeat Wings Gaming 2-0, with excellent performances from Cty on Storm Spirit, and from rOtk on his Tidehunter. They proceeded to fall 2-1 to LGD, but things are looking bright for VG if they continue to improve at this rate. Most contend that the main issue isn’t the team’s lineup, but their consistency.

The finals saw VG.R facing LGD in a BO5, in which LGD won 3-1. The Chinese scene seems to still be somewhat of a mystery, with teams underperforming every other day. At least this result somewhat justifies the LGD invite to the Manila Major, though it also questions the Wings invite. So far, nothing conclusive has really come forth. We will all just have to wait a few more weeks and judge it all by the results of the Major.

LGD Gaming join the following 7 teams at ESL One Frankfurt 2016:

  1. Alliance – Invite
  2. OG – Invite
  3. Team Liquid – Invite
  4. Vega Squadron – EU
  5. NaVi – EU
  6. compLexity – AM
  7. Fnatic – SEA

ESL One Frankfurt 2016 will take place June 18th to 19th at the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt, Germany, featuring a prize pool of $250,000. See here for more details.

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