Team OG, 2 Grandfinalist Titles in 1 Week

OG coming off the hype and adrenaline of the Manila Majors last Sunday found themselves on a different continent, within a different arena, in a different patch (6.88). This however, wasn’t enough to phase (faze) OG as despite these changes the team had just come off of some very convincing wins against two of their main contenders at this event at the previous Manila Majors. Facing off against Na’Vi in the Grandfinals the team looked calm, collected, and composed winning the event in stunning 3-0 smackdown fashion. With only Liquid taking a game off of them in the semi-finals and decisive game one and game two wins already in the bag during the Grandfinals, the rocky start for OG in game three just didn’t seem to phase them.

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OG started the event off against Na’Vi winning those games just as stunningly as these Grandfinals. The team went on to face Complexity who had just come off of a win against VP, but with only a rocky 2-1 victory. OG again was composed in their matchup against Complexity largely because of the team’s weak performance at the Manila Majors and the patch not buffing up complexity heroes enough to cause concern.

The hardest team the Grandfinalists had to overcome was Liquid, arguably the second highest rated team at this event. With such a strong performance by Liquid against OG in the semi-finals here in Frankfurt and their Grandfinals games at the Manila Majors last Sunday, perhaps the team should now be considered OG’s first true rival. Something that many of the casters had been looking for throughout the last two weeks in Manila.

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With an OG rival finally revealed the only question left to ask is where are we going to see the bad manner Moonmeander item drops? Despite both Liquid and Na’Vi taking staple OG heroes during the semi-finals and Grandfinals respectfully, the relative poise with which OG dismantles Na’Vi means that maybe we should be looking most intently for Moonmeander item drops in future OG-Na’Vi games. Or should we see them more in the future OG-Liquid rivalry matches? Let us know what you think in the comments sections here and on Facebook.

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