Esports job platform Hitmarker announces crowdfunding campaign

Esports job platform Hitmarker announced the launch of their newest equity crowdfunding campaign. This series of crowdfunding is aimed at expanding the team behind Hitmarker and to further grow the site to establish itself as the place to find jobs in the esports industry.

Some of you might remember Hitmarker from the interview we did with Cam Brierley, at the time the content lead at Hitmarker, earlier this year. For those who have not, the Hitmarkerjobs website has become the place to find work in the esports scene. The site supports both paid and volunteer positions and hosts jobs from many of the largest companies within the gaming scene.

Investing in the company

This series of funding is hosted on the British equity crowdfunding platform, Crowdcube. Hitmarker is looking for a minimum combined investment of £80,000 for 4% of the company, with a maximum investment possibility of £200,000 for a total of 10% of the company. Investment in Hitmarker starts at £10; however, it is currently limited to investors from Canada, Japan, and the U.S. Only accredited investors from these locations can invest as of now, at a minimum of $20,000 USD.

However, as noted in the press release from Hitmarker, individuals interested in investing from these locations will be able to at a later date. The plan is to launch a new campaign on a US-based platform after the campaign on Crowdcube comes to an end if the goals have not been met.

Why Hitmarker chose the crowdfunding path over venture capital

Managing Director Richard Huggan explained well the reasons behind the decision to crowdfund:

Hitmarker has always been a community-first platform that was built to serve the esports industry. Our primary mission is to improve the job hunting process for people who want to work in our industry and we’ve worked very hard to build a reputation as a positive presence in the scene. We believe we have an impassioned community of brand advocates that have been instrumental in our consistent growth over the past two years and we already feel a huge responsibility to all of these people. Giving them the chance to become shareholders in our company will only enhance this, which will motivate our whole team to work even harder than they already do to provide them with the best service possible.

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