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Charity events aren’t uncommon in gaming. Gaming is all about community, and community is about helping and lifting each other up. FaZe Clan found themselves in a fantastic opportunity to bring their community together to champion a good cause: fending off coronavirus. This past Sunday, FaZe announced a Call of Duty: Warzone pro-am charitable event, consisting of gamers, streamers, athletes, musical artists, and other celebrities, called Fight 2 Fund. Let’s look at how the event unfolded and an exclusive interview with one of the champions: Kacey “Itz_WarsZ” Channer.

FaZe Clan’s Fight 2 Fund results

Fight 2 Fund found success Monday evening when 16 teams took to the skies of Verdansk and fought on its field of battle. Some notable participants in the Warzone event included the following:

  • Andre Drummond
  • Ben Simmons
  • Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson
  • Josh Hart
  • Nick “Nickmercs” Kolcheff
  • Nate Hill
  • Herschel “Dr. Disrespect” Beahm IV
  • JuJu Smith-Schuster
  • Meyers Leonard
  • Vikram “Vikkstar123” Singh Barn

Vikkstar123, WarsZ, and Vapulear faced a terrific team of Dr. Disrespect, Nickmercs, and Chad Ochocinco in the finals. In the end, Vikkstar123’s team was able to secure its spot at the top of the bracket and claim the cash for charities. The winners selected Age UK and Save the Children to receive their winnings of more than $90,000. The Call of Duty pro-am may be over, but there’s still a chance you can help. You can donate at fight2fund.org, where over $36,000 has been raised in the fight against COVID-19. 100 Thieves is also hosting a Warzone tournament for charity this Friday.

Image courtesy of FaZe Clan

Chatting with Itz_WarsZ on Warzone success

Daily Esports: Congratulations on winning Fight 2 Fund! How did it feel when your team finally secured their victory?

Kacey “Itz_WarsZ” Channer: It felt so amazing to be able to play against/with people I have always dreamed of playing. It was such an honor and the fact we helped get that much for the chosen charities is mindblowing. I’m happy I was able to do something to help.

It seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves, and also being able to help a cause of your choosing is amazing. Why do you think your team performed so well?

Itz_WarsZ: Me and Vap have put a lot of time into this game. I have had previous experience with a big tournament, such as The KFCRoyale that I won last year in February. Our communication was really good and everything we did was in sync and (we) have been practicing a lot.

I think it showed throughout the event how well you all really worked. What made your team choose Age UK and Save the Children specifically?

Itz_WarsZ: It was a team decision to pick those charities as we all thought that the money would help them the most right now with everything going on around coronavirus.

We thank Itz_WarsZ for chatting with us. Keep up with Daily Esports for all Call of Duty news.

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