FaZe Jarvis banned permanently from Fortnite

Epic Games recently issued a permanent ban to professional Fortnite player and content creator FaZe Clan’s Jarvis Kaye, or FaZe Jarvis. The reason for the ban was the use of an aimbot on Faze Jarvis’ second account in both the solo and playground modes of the game.

Pro players are not immune for Epic Games

This isn’t the first time a pro player has been banned by Epic Games for cheating. Back in April, a different pro player, Damion “XXiF” Cook was banned from the Fortnite World Cup after he was found to be cheating during the qualification stages of the tournament. XXiF did not use any cheating software, so the ban he received was not nearly as severe as the one issued to FaZe Jarvis. XXiF received a 14-day competitive ban and the restriction of the prize pool eligibility for week 3 of the event.

The Fortnite community is divided

Earlier today, Faze Jarvis made a public apology on his Twitter, posting the following:

In addition, FaZe Jarvis made a video apologizing to his fans, which was received with a very mixed response. A large part of the community feels that the permanent competitive ban is too harsh, especially compared to other bans issues by Epic Games in the past. However, a part of the community also feels that the ban is justified. Cheating is cheating, and the apology feels, to a lot of the community, like he is apologizing for getting caught rather than for cheating itself.

In particular, “I just wish I had known how severe the consequences were at the time,” provides a terrible example to set towards the younger audience that many Fortnite creators are geared towards. You shouldn’t have to be told something like this could happen when you are in a position of influence like this.

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