FIFA 21 FUT Replay

One of the most tilting experiences in FIFA 21 is having to sit through your opponent’s replay after they score against you. While some players probably do this intentionally, others simply might not know there’s a way to entirely skip their replay. Here’s how to skip replays in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team (FUT) and why you always should.

How to skip your replay in FUT

After scoring a goal, your player will begin running on the pitch to do their celebration. While they are doing this and before the replay, begins press R1 and L1 at the same time (RB and LB on an Xbox controller). This will instantly skip all replays and your goal celebration.

If the replay does begin playing, you can press X (A on Xbox) to skip it, but you will have to skip multiple replays at this point, which takes up some extra time. Try to get the skip off before the replays begin.

Unfortunately, you cannot force your opponent to skip their replay in FIFA 21. This means it’s on every player to be a considerate opponent and skip the replay unless it’s truly special and worth watching.

It’s worth noting here that you can only see your goal celebration if you don’t skip your replay, so if you want to show it off once, you can always choose not to skip the first replay. After this though, there really isn’t a reason to watch replays unless the goal was amazing or you want to see what happened.

Keep in mind that in Squad Battles and games against AI opponents, you can skip your opponent’s replays. Both methods work here if you don’t feel like rewatching the goal.

By opting to skip your replays in FIFA 21 FUT, you speed up the game for both yourself and your opponent, and they will surely thank you for doing it.

Nate Searl
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