FIFA 21 Loyalty FUT

If you want to get the most chemistry possible out of your players in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team (FUT), you need them to be loyal to your club. Loyalty isn’t exactly hard to get, and it’s not always essential. Nevertheless, it’s worth knowing about, especially for Squad Building Challenges.

Here are the situations where loyalty is important, and how to get it if you need it.

How to get loyalty in FIFA 21

Getting loyalty in FUT isn’t difficult. You simply need to play 10 games with the player in your squad. Once you do this, you can see that the player is loyal to the squad because the shield on the chemistry view will be dark green on the left and light green on the right. In the image below, every player is loyal except Ben Yedder, whose icon is greyed out.

FIFA 21 FUT Loyalty

The fastest way to get through 10 games is to join a Squad Battle and then forfeit right after the match begins. This will still count as playing a game, but it will also count as a loss on your permanent FIFA 21 FUT record, so if you don’t want the loss, you will need to play the game out.

You only need to get loyalty for players you buy on the transfer market. First-owned players that you open in packs or earn through Objectives or Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) will already have loyalty to your club.

When loyalty is important

Loyalty gives players who aren’t at max chemistry an additional chemistry rating, so this will bring a player who’s currently at 9 to 10. In general, loyalty usually unnecessary, but it’s important when completing certain SBCs.

SBCs have very specific requirements you have to meet to complete them, and there are some that actually require loyalty, such as Puzzle Master. This challenge requires you to make a squad with players from nine nations and seven leagues while also having at least 85 chemistry. This is impossible without loyalty.

Outside of specific SBCs, loyalty really only helps you get to max chemistry in FIFA 21 FUT. This is always a good thing, as it ensures your player is getting their maximum stat boosts.

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