Ripa joins the London Spitfire.

After all the hints the Spitfire have been making on Twitter, it seems they’re ready to reveal their 2021 Overwatch League roster. The London Spitfire have signed Finnish flex support Riku “Ripa” Toivanen, formerly of the British Hurricane and Los Angeles Gladiators. After being in the league for a short time with the Gladiators, this support went to London’s contenders team. He was a key player to their amazing run through European contenders. Most of the Hurricane squad was linked to join the Spitfire for 2021, and this seems to be the start.

Ripa’s path to the Spitfire

Ripa originally started by playing for Team Gigantti in European contenders. Known for his Moira and Zenyatta, he helped lead that team to a finals loss and a semifinals finish. However, the Los Angeles Gladiators saw his potential and picked him up at the end of 2018. He didn’t see much time on stage for the 2019 season, and while he did impress, he left at the end of that year. But, that wasn’t the end for Ripa.

Ripa joins the LA Gladiators.

He joined the British Hurricane, the London Spitfire’s contenders roster. This was followed by a lot of success, immediately winning the first season with his new team. But the winning didn’t stop there. Ripa and the team led the Hurricane to four straight monthly title wins in Europe. They lost once to Obey Alliance, but got their revenge in the Gauntlet by sweeping them to win it all. The only downside is that they lost in the Atlantic showmatch against American Tornado. However, it was a show match, and it was clear this Hurricane roster deserved a shot in the Overwatch League, especially Ripa, who deserved a spot for ages but never got the stage time.

London’s new roster

As of right now, the Spitfire’s roster consists of three players. This includes Ripa, Jeffrey “blasé” Tsang, and Tae-hoon “Fuze” Kim. At first, this build seems rather scattered. However, it has been rumored that a majority of the British Hurricane roster is being promoted to the Spitfire. With Ripa’s signing here, this might be the first signing of many out of their contenders roster. We can’t say for sure if this roster will be all or mostly former Hurricane players. But, we can say that Ripa is a great signing for many reasons. Alongside Blasé, they have stage experience and league experience. Plus, it’s clear from his time on the Hurricane that he can be a starting caliber support now. It’ll be on him and the new roster to prove their worth.

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