Even more League of Legends roster madness is in the works, as FlyQuest have signed Lee “Strompest” Seung-min to play mid lane for their Academy roster. This information immediately follows their trade of Marcin “Selfie” Wolski to Rogue.

About Strompest

Strompest interview with Ovilee May

The mid laner talks with interviewer Ovilee May after being named a top-five prospect.

Strompest is best known for his appearance at the 2018 Scouting Grounds event. He finished second in every statistic for mid laners behind current 100T mid laner Max “Soligo” Soong. Strompest was voted the top mid lane prospect of the event and the number five prospect overall. Of the four that finished above him, all but one made playoffs in the NA Academy League. Once Academy rosters were announced, Strompest was one of the bigger surprises to have been left off a roster.

Since then, Strompest returned to the NA semi-professional circuit, being widely regarded as the best mid laner in the space. His carry potential stands second to none, with Ryze being a must-ban against him. With Super Nova, he made playoffs in every event he played in during 2019.

FlyQuest Academy

What was once a dominant roster in Academy fell off hard later in the split. While they started 6-2 and were poised to make playoffs, FlyQuest Academy dropped seven of their last ten games. They finished in seventh, and support prospect James “Duoking” Stephenson left the team after Week 7.  FlyQuest are keen on developing native talent before importing big name players, and this stance has actually worked out well for them.

What does it mean?

Strompest is one of the hotter mid lane prospects in North America, and FlyQuest have a solid mindset around building for their future. As a player, Strompest has a flexible and deep champion pool to complement mechanical skill, making him a perfect fit for the FlyFam on their Academy Squad. With Eugene “Pobelter” Park being his LCS counterpart, FlyQuest should prove an ideal fit for both him and the team.

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