In a scrappy set of Best of Five games, Fnatic crushed G2 Esports 3-2. The tug-of-war matches ended in Fnatic securing a spot for the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) Summer Split finals. This is the first time Fnatic won against its long time rival since 2018.

This Saturday was filled with highly anticipated yet scrappy matches between the two European teams. Little did anyone know that this series would end Fnatic’s losing streak spanning 874 days.

Both teams were alternately winning each game, with Fnatic taking the first, third, and fifth games. As G2 and Fnatic were head-to-head in objectives and kills, Fnatic ended up taking the lead and pushing towards victory.

Fnatic secures LEC finals

The first game was a sure sign that Fnatic had a leg up in this series. The team had been able to win team fights, secure an early baron, and push towards G2’s inhibitors. Additionally, they earned enough gold to have a significant lead over their rivals. G2 found a way to come back in game two as they secured four dragons, a baron, and go up by 15 kills. Unfortunately for them, Fnatic takes the victory in game three as G2 slips on their objectives. Fnatic secured two dragons, 18 kills, and 2 barons as they pushed towards G2’s base. Game four left Fnatic at a huge disadvantage as G2 found themselves at an 11,000 gold lead, up by thirteen kills.

Fnatic secures spot in LEC finals

The fifth game is a relief for Fnatic as the 44-minute game ended with a 6,000 gold difference between the two teams. Fnatic mid-laner Tim “Nemesis” LipovÅ¡ek defended the team’s base as G2 bot-laner Luka “Perkz” Perković attempted to back door. If this would have happened, Fnatic might have found themselves in deep trouble. In the end, Fnatic used what they could do push towards victory and head off to the Grand Finals. At the end of the game, Fnatic Jungler Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek was named the MVP of the match.

Fnatic LEC win for finals

G2 is now in the lower bracket semifinal taking place on September 5. In that game, they’ll be facing the winner of Sunday’s match between MAD Lions and Rogue. Fnatic will be playing again in the LEC finals on September 6.

The top three teams will end up participating in this year’s World Championship scheduled for September 25. The team that places fourth will find its way to the Worlds play-in event.

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