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Less than a week away from the Fortnite World Cup, it is time to dig into the dates and times. The 2019 tournament schedule spans 10 weeks of open online qualifiers. Beginning the weekend of April 13 – 14, the qualifying rounds take place every Saturday and Sunday until June 15 – 16.

Saturday’s competitions are open to all players who are in the Champion League. During the tournament, 3,000 players per region will separate themselves on Saturday to advance to the finals on Sunday. The tournament alternates between solo and duo every weekend.

The times vary by region but are set for 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm local time.

Learn how to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup 2019.


Time by region

All regions will have their own servers for both the semi-finals and finals.

NA East4 pm to 7 pm4 pm to 7 pmEST
NA West4 pm to 7 pm4 pm to 7 pmPST
Europe4 pm to 7 pm4 pm to 7 pmGMT
Brazil4 pm to 7 pm4 pm to 7 pmBRT
OCE4 pm to 7 pm4 pm to 7 pmAET
Asia4 pm to 7 pm4 pm to 7 pmJST


Solo schedule

Tournament times are seen below by region.

Week 1April 14April 15
Week 3April 27April 28
Week 5May 11May 12
Week 7May 25May 26
Week 9June 8June 9


Duo schedule

Tournament times are seen below by region.

Week 2April 20April 21
Week 4May 4May 5
Week 6May 18May 19
Week 8June 1June 2
Week 10June 15June 16



The Fortnite World Cup finals will take place in New York City on July 26 – 28. Epic Games has not released details on the format for the final weekend. If formatted like previous tournaments, one day will be for solos, the other day for duos, and finals for both on the last day. Until the official announcement, this is simply speculation.

Unless Epic Games decides to delay the release of a new season, the tournament will spread across three different seasons. Thirty days remain in Season 8. Season 9 will start before week 5 of the tournament. Each season lasts about 70 days, 10 weeks per season, which means Season 10 will start the week before the World Cup Finals! There will be many changes throughout the tournament. Epic Games has shown they are not afraid to implement major changes before a tournament.

Check back for more info on Fortnite, the World Cup, and more!

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