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It seems like Fortnite may not be the cash cow it was in the past, at least according to the newest stats from SuperData. The year has not been kind to Fortnite, and it may have reached its plateau. That said, this isn’t all bad news, as it’s still grossing insane amounts of money each month. It has simply dropped a lot from where it once was.

According to the report, Fortnite‘s total revenues are down by about 38 percent compared to past years. It’s a tad surprising considering this past May it made about $203 million. SuperData‘s report states that, despite the drop, Fortnite still earned its spot as the highest grossing game on console. On PC, however, it only took the 5th spot.

Which game took Fortnite‘s coveted top spot on PC? Turns out, League of Legends knocked them out of that slot.

It’s the in-game content that keeps Fortnite afloat

As has been previously reported many times, Fortnite‘s main source of revenue is, of course, its in-game skins, weapons, currency, etc. That is what draws players in and what keeps them spending money. No other game has really come close to Fortnite‘s insane amount of popularity so far, so we know it won’t go anywhere anytime soon. Sure, it may seem like 38 percent is a huge hit for Fortnite and Epic, but it still has plenty of money coming in. It’s a good thing Epic didn’t cancel the game back before it launched.

Nowadays, Fortnite is just about to kick off its 14 Days of Summer event, so you can be sure players are in for a lot. On their way are new challenges, content, exclusive summer skins, and more. Even if the title’s profits have fallen, Epic is still sure to make quite the killing over the next two weeks.

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