Frostmancy is being hotfixed by Riot Games

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Yesterday we wrote up about a unique, game-breaking strategy that was taking over competitive League of Legends called Frostmancy. It was a great gold-making play style that presented almost no counterplay. However, it seems like Riot Games has gotten to hotfixing it as soon as possible.

According to Richard “MapleNectar” Henkel, “this strategy asks you to ignore many of the skills learned playing League over the years, provides very little counterplay, and also lends itself to a fairly poor viewing experience at the highest levels of play”. Thus, Riot Games will be shipping out a hotfix to address the Frostmancy strategy. It is a welcome hotfix for many people, especially League players up in the top lane. It was a strategy that was introduced to the public on Reddit a while back. However, it only began to pick up steam once Clutch Gaming’s Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon used it in a professional League match in the LCS.

What made Frostmancy so broken?

For people not in the know, Frostmancy was a tactic in which a player would pick an AP caster to use in the top lane. Many pros chose to play champs like Lulu, Kennen, Karma, and Zilean. Afterward, they would pick up the Kleptomancy rune in the Inspiration tree. Finally, at the beginning of the match, they would buy Spellthief’s Edge, which eventually built into a Frostfang. Now, what made this combination of runes and items broken?

It allowed the player to ignore farming entirely and instead, focus on harassing his opponent at all times. Because of the passive golden generation from both Kleptomancy and the support item, the player would keep up in gold while also poking their enemy out of the lane. As a result, most melee top laners would have a horrible time in lane. The only restriction is that the player cannot farm any of the creeps at all. After the Frostmancy player finishes the support item’s quest, he or she can then resume farming at a normal rate. This means that they benefit from the farm gold, as well as their increased gold from Kleptomancy and Frostfang.

Another big effect that this had on the competitive scene was that now, a team could have twice the amount of wards. League of Legends was balanced around a limited amount of wards, and with two players building vision-based items, they now had plenty of vision around the map. Finally, the last big effect Frostmancy had was its interaction with the new CS bounty system. Because the player does not have any farm, they will not gain a bounty. Instead, their enemies could gain a bounty because of the huge CS disparity.

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The fixes that Riot Games made were simple. Both support items now require an ally to be less than 1500 units away for the passive gold generation to work. A side note is that the gold generation for both items is increasing as well. MapleNectar also explained the quick reaction of the balance team, stating:

We are choosing to act quickly rather than adopt a wait and see approach since the risk to the quality of many games of League is too high should this strategy become optimal/widespread. These aren’t the most elegant changes, but we wanted to prioritize expediency rather than wait on finding the perfect change.

Unfortunately, the changes are not as perfect as the community would have liked. For example, many support mains are complaining that they now need their bottom lane partner in order to poke and make gold. This forces supports to have to stay close to their ADC, which many people are not happy about. A Twitter user says, “So if my ADC dies or recalls and I stay in lane, I just get punished and can’t get gold?” It is a real argument that can be made for the changes, which Riot should think about for the future.

What are your thoughts on the Frostmancy hotfix, only a few days after its LCS debut? Let us know what you think in the comments below! If you want more League of Legends news, check us out here!

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