Gale Force eSports defeat Naventic and qualify for Dreamhack Summer in the second NA Summer Regional.

The second day of the Group Stage saw many surprises as both Cloud 9 and Tempo Storm did not finish in the top 2 of their respective groups. We saw how these 2 top teams seemed to fall off in the last patches, but nobody could predict that, neither of them qualified for the Dreamhack Summer. Instead, it was Naventic, the clear favorites, and Astral Authority who took the Semifinals spots for the first group. Brain Power and Gale Force eSports did the same for Group B.

Consequently, Brain Power had to take on Naventic, while Astral Authority and Gale Force eSports were fighting for the second spot in the finals. We saw a pretty easy Game 1 in favor of Naventic, spawning all 5 Punishers in the Infernal Shrines. Game 2 was much closer, but Naventic still took the Cursed Hollow game. Gale Force eSports also beat Astral Authority 2 to 0, showing a lot of confidence in the first map: Dragon Shire. Gale Force eSports then finished Game 2 in a quick team fight in the Battlefield of Eternity, taking the win in a really fair matchup.

The final match featured Naventic going up against Gale Force eSports. The message GFE wanted to send was pretty clear from the start: they really are the kings of this region. They swept Naventic in a Best of Five series with a real show of strength. The first map was Infernal Shrines, in which Gale Force eSports pulled the strings the whole game, gaining a 3 level advantage and ending the game in 16 minutes. Game 2 was going down in Battlefield of Eternity, it was a little bit less one sided, but it still took less than 18 minutes to finish. GFE showed much more confidence than their opponents, and won the final map; Cursed Hollow in a dominant fashion, finishing it in 16 minutes with only one curse earned.

The North American region is a strange one as kings rise and fall in a matter of weeks. It’s been a long time since no American teams had a big impact in international tournaments, if Gale Force eSports could go far in the next Dreamhack, the region should regain a little bit of their past credibility and respect.

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