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A question a lot of gamers usually ask about multi-platform online games is whether they have cross-platform compatibility, also known as cross-play. This question is common because online gamers would like to play with friends and family, but don’t want to buy a version of the game for another platform. Cross-play support also means that Rocket League trading would also be open for players from all platforms. That would make trading Rocket League Crates and Rocket League Keys much simpler than before.

Cross-Play: Road to a Better Rocket League

Rocket League, as a multi-platform online game, understands the importance of this particular feature; that is why the developers are working on cross-play support and will likely have it in the game at some time in 2018.

Though there is still no definite date set for when the feature will come to the game, it will arrive this year, according to the game’s official support account’s Twitter page.

A Feature for The Future

But according to Jeremy Dunham, Rocket League developer, cross-play is not just about improving Rocket League players’ experience, but also, or perhaps even more importantly, about the development of gaming as an industry. He believes that holding back this particular feature would be like stifling the growth of gaming.

“Because imagine if you could, if all games were just by default open and available to do cross-network play…then games could be accessible across generations now, as opposed to being stuck in a single timeframe. You would also be able to approach game development and design differently because you would no longer have to worry about how long the lifecycle of the hardware is or how long you expect this person to play the game before they move on to something else,” said Dunham in an interview with IGN.

The plan to include cross-platform support couldn’t come at a better time, as Psyonix released Rocket League for the Nintendo Switch in November of last year.

Protecting Their Player Base?

However, it is still not clear how they will make the plan a reality, as Sony still isn’t too keen on having complete cross-play support for Rocket League and Minecraft. SIE global sales and marketing head, Jim Ryan, cited the company’s mindfulness of their responsibility to their install base as the reason for opting not to support cross-play in an interview with Eurogamer and even claimed that they do not have anything against the feature and have done it in the past. While the latter may be true then and even today, seeing as Rocket League players on the PS4 can play with PC players, it’s  a bummer that they can’t connect with other console players.

Hopefully, Psyonix manages to make Rocket League a truly cross-play experience. And hopefully, Sony will stop being overprotective and just let their players play fictional car football with others.

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