GoreMagala wins ARMS Singles at SAVE_ARMS 2020: Grand Final amid emotional abuse allegations era

Jonathan “GoreMagala” Valdes won ARMS Singles at SAVE_ARMS 2020: Grand Final on June 27, albeit amid allegations of emotional and potentially sexual abuse by his ex-girlfriend. This event was the finale of the online SAVE_ARMS 2020 circuit. Each of the eight participants previously won a 32-person qualifier event.

GoreMagala entered this tournament as the No. 8 seed. As a result, No. 1 seed “AstroNinja0” immediately defeated him at the beginning of the event. Nevertheless, GoreMagala kicked off an impressive losers run with victories over Phil “Steelhead” Denzmore Jr. and Raphael “Ripha” Heggemeier.

GoreMagala overcame Japanese competitor “POKOYAN” in his first set of top 4. Then in Losers Finals, he defeated Garrett “Asqew” Reamer. Finally, GoreMagala rematched AstroNinja0 in Grand Finals of SAVE_ARMS 2020: Grand Final. He ended up beating AstroNinja0 in both sets to win the whole tournament series.

That same day, GoreMagala faced accusations of emotional and sexual abuse from “Era,” an online tournament organizer and his ex-girlfriend. GoreMagala has not issued a formal statement, though he did respond that he is “not that type of person.” ARMS Central has already banned GoreMagala from all of its events in response to the allegations.

Other results from SAVE_ARMS 2020: Grand Final

Though he could not secure 1st place, AstroNinja0 had a respectable 2nd place finish at SAVE_ARMS 2020: Grand Final. In the process, he beat POKOYAN and Asqew, along with being the only player to take a set from GoreMagala. ARMS players largely consider AstroNinja0 to be the best player in North America — and perhaps the best in the world.

Despite winning the third qualifier event, “Hebirote” did not compete in SAVE_ARMS 2020: Grand Final. As a result, Hebirote was replaced by Steelhead, winner of SAVE_ARMS 2020: The Royal Rumble. Tournament organizers specifically designated The Royal Rumble champion as a potential substitute if any of the original eight winners could not compete in the finale.

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